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A quick and snappy search makes the user delighted, easy, and happy. Get lightning fast search for your Magento store using Typesense.

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The Typesense search extension is the best alternative for the combination of Algolia & Pinecone and is also a user-friendly replacement for Elasticsearch. The typesense extension is built to deliver instant sub-50ms search results and give a highly intuitive developer experience. The extension has been developed using cutting-edge algorithms, which leverage the latest advances in Hardware Capabilities & Machine Learning.

Search Smarter, not Harder

Typesense extension gives a plethora of searching abilities that deliver a next-level seamless search experience.
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Users can make mistakes, but searches aren’t

Typesense can detect the errors of users while searching for any form and yet deliver meaningful as well as relevant search results.


Automated, on-the-fly suggestions for search queries based on user input.

Multi-dimensional search

Searching with multiple criteria for comprehensive insights.

Location-based search

Tailoring search results based on geographic location.

Real-time search

Instantly finding the latest information as it’s being generated.

Arrange the search results as per the convenience

Typesense comes with a plethora of options for grouping, sorting, and filtering the search results at the convenience of both sellers and buyers.
Typesense gives high precision in the search results with its exceptional query-time ranking capabilities. In order to provide the best user experience, Typesense produces results that precisely match your requirements, whether you need to prioritize relevancy, freshness, or any other specified factor.

The grouping feature diversifies the search results and gives more variety and clarity to the users. For instance, you can streamline the browsing process by combining all shirt colour options into a single result. This feature increases user engagement by providing a thorough view of available products while reducing unnecessary clutter in the results.

Typesense gives the feature of dynamic sorting which sorts the records by any field within the documents. It lets you sort by price, popularity, or any other criteria. Without the need for additional indices, Typesense gives you the ability to accomplish this. 

It simplifies the retrieving of data and its analysis by only fetching records which match certain filters meeting your particular needs. Additionally, you can obtain counts, minimums, maximums, and averages of values by aggregating field values across these records.


Integrate with Magento

Need to know about how to integrate Typesense with Magento? Read the implementation guide.

A lightning-fast search that collects and understands the users’ data to give highly precise results.

Utilize Typesense’s pinning feature to improve your content strategy. Simple designation and positioning of particular records will highlight or sell them prominently. You have the power to emphasize and call attention to your most crucial material with this capability.

The versatile indexing capabilities of Typesense let you manage and store multiple users’ data within a single index. Along with this, Typesense allows you to generate distinct API keys for each user leading to granular access control, restricting access solely to their respective data. 

To ensure reliability, scalability, and performance, various measures must be taken when developing a robust production-grade search service.

Typesense is not just limited to delivering search results on users’ traditional data but also employs other attributes for a better experience.

Typesense allows you to perform location-based searches and sorting easily. You can specify a polygonal region for your search or limit your search to results that are closer than a given latitude and longitude point.

Typesense streamlines your search by allowing you to query one or more collections at the same time with a single query. For example, you can use a single search query to find both items and brands. This functionality improves the user experience by providing complete results across different data categories.

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Best alternative to Algolia, ElasticSearch & MeiliSearch

Typesense offers the most accurate and instantaneous search experience for your Magento e-commerce store, introducing a whole new level of excellence in the world of search engines. Thus it became the best alternative to all other search platforms.

Typesense Features

Typesense can detect the errors of users while searching for any form and yet deliver meaningful as well as relevant search results.

Typo Tolerance

Handles typographical errors elegantly, out-of-the-box.

Simple & Easy

Simple & Easy to setup, integrate & scale.

Lightning Fast

Built in C++. Built on a ground-up basis with low-latency (<50ms) for instant searches.

Tunable Ranking

Perfect as they are easy to tailor your search results.


Dynamically sort query results by specific field, like ascending price order.

Faceting & Filtering

Drill down and refine results.

Grouping & Distinct

Group similar results together to show more variety.

Federated Search

In a single HTTP request, it can search across multiple collections (indices).

Geo Search

Search and sort by results around a latitude/longitude or within a bounding box.

Vector Search

Generate embeddings, conduct nearest-neighbor search for versatile applications efficiently.

Semantic/Hybrid Search

Automatically generate embeddings in Typesense with built-in models or APIs.

Scoped API Keys

Generate API keys that only allow access to certain records, for multi-tenant applications.


Define words as equivalents of each other, so searching for a word will also show results for synonyms.

Curation & Merchandizing

Boost particular records to a fixed position in the search results, to feature them.

No Runtime Dependencies

Typesense is a single binary that you can run locally or in production with a single command.

Seamless Version Upgrades

Typesense upgrading is as simple as swapping out the binary and restarting Typesense.


Seamless Integration of Typesense Cloud with Magento

Typesense Cloud is the best and fastest search extension for your e-commerce store, and Magento is the best e-commerce platform for small to large-scale businesses. Integrate the best of both to achieve an unmatched shopping experience, with the help of Ceymox.

Download Typesense Search for Magento or Get Free* Typesense Cloud Account from below. Typesense Cloud is the hosted SaaS version of Open Source product.