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Why Magento 2 ?

Magento (Magento2) gets a lot of attention from merchants and developers when it comes to advanced ecommerce platforms. Developers love it because of its flexibility, as they can do almost anything according to the client’s needs. Merchants love it because of the vast number of functionalities and features, Magento provides out of the box. ‘Magento Commerce’ brings huge additional value and shortens the development time. 

Our Magento Services

Hire a Certified Magento Developer that too trained by Ceymox Magento Certified experts.  Ceymox offers magento 2 developers, dedicated magento developer for your remote magento development team with option to hire them on an hourly, part-time, or full-time contract basis. All our experts are proficient in handling end-to-end magento engineering.


Exploring the complete potential of Magento technology, Ceymox works closely with customers  to analyse, evaluate, plan, design and develop appropriate eCommerce solution. We help existing businesses to improve their store value and eventually increase their revenue and ROI.


Ceymox helps business to Build Maintain & Operate its online store. We are digital transforming experts in switching offline business to online of any businesses from manufacturing and service sector. Ceymox assists businesses in every step for launching their business online and its further operations..


Magento certified developers at Ceymox give life to your ideas for your dream store. Impeccable eCommerce development skills of experts help you in offering unmatchable shopping experience to the end users. Ceymox is in partnership with Theme development companies contributing to their Theme marketplace.


Mobile penetration rate of internet users is soaring day by day and Ceymox offers responsive mobile solutions to take your business to the next level. Customized mobile development helps you in improving customer engagement and thereby boosting store revenue. Experts at Ceymox is proficient in developing PWA, Native and Hybrid solutions.


To open up the dramatic business potential of Magento, Ceymox helps businesses to migrate from their existing platform. Experts in Magento 2 migration helps you in migration from Woocommerce, Shopify, Volusion,Prestashop and many more to Magento.


Ceymox has been contributing to the Magento marketplace and earned good reputation as an excellent extension and plugin developer. Ceymox has been offering white labeling solutions for development companies on extensions and plugins to contribute to Magento marketplace 


Your hosting requirements may change based on growth of your online business. Ceymox is at your assistance to help you adopt the essentials while you scale-up your business, by helping you to spend for the right at the right time. A team of experts having knowledge in Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, Nexus, VPN, Shared hosting for eCommerce will assist you.


Digital Marketing experts at Ceymox are having 15+ certification in various related domains offers there expertise in eCommerce to multiply your revenue from the stores by generating traffic. We offer SEO Ecommerce, Lead Generation, Content Strategies, Social Media Management and Sales Campaigns, PPC Campaigns, Traffic Generation etc.


Professionals at Ceymox are experts in overseeing if your business is conforming to the regulations, acts, and policies set forth by various regulatory authorities. Ceymox ensures that your online store is accessible by complying with The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), generally known as ADA Compliance. Also, our experts oversee GPDR, Privacy Policies, Shipping Policies, Tax Rules, GST etc.

Word’s on the street

Our clients are consistently impressed with the level of service they receive from our team. We go above and beyond to ensure that their needs are met and that they are satisfied with the final product.

More Testimonials
We have worked with Ceymox on one of our US client engagements. We had received good support from Ceymox and we were happy with the deliverables which came with good quality and timely delivery. Thank you Ceymox Team! We look forward to working with you...
You guys did a tremendous job in revamping our website. It is not cluttered anymore, is pleasing to the eye and easy for anyone to use. Your support has always been professional & timely and helped us to get to where we need in quick...
The great thing is, whenever I send Ceymox some work to do, it doesn’t matter how small the work is, they go ahead and schedule it get it done in a timely fashion and then report back to me once it is done. This is...

Magento Development FAQs

Magento is a mighty open-source CMS (Content Management System). It is written in the PHP language. The Magento software was created by Varien that offers great flexibility through its modular architecture. Magento is based on Zend PHP and MySQL databases and is completely scalable. It offers an array of control options for which it has earned great attention from users worldwide. It now powers over 25% of all e-commerce sites in the Alexa top one million sites list, more than any other e-commerce platform. Magento has 45 customers with more than $100 million in annual online sales. 31% of mid-to-large companies rely on Magento for their commerce platform, more than any other vendor.

There are 9 built-in Magento 2 features for a successful e-commerce business. These are:

A. Catalog Management
a. Product
b. Category
c. Search

B. Content Management
a. Design & Theme
b. CMS Page
c. CMS Block
d. Widget

C. Marketing Support
a. Promotion
b. Email Marketing
c. SEO
d. Google API

D. Cart & Checkout
a. Shopping Cart
b. Integrated Checkout

E. Order Management
a. Order Processing
b. Payment Method
c. Shipping Method

F. Customer Management
a. Customer Account
b. Customer Attributes
c. Customer Groups

G. Store Management
a. Store Information
b. Store Hierarchy
c. Store Configuration
d. Admin Users

H. System Management
a. Import/Export
b. Tool

I. Analytics & Reporting
a. Marketing Report
b. Sales & Product Report
c. Review Report
d. Customer Report

Here are the top benefits of Magento:

A. Versatile Content Management: Magento comes with a highly intuitive, visual-based page edition which you can use for building and customizing the offering on the go.

B. Mobile-friendly configuration: The shopping carts in the Magento are created responsively. These carts can seamlessly be checked on mobile devices.
C. Advanced SEO: Magento is highly SEO focused. The products listed on your Magento store will have a better chance to get rank on search engines.

D. Powerful & Spacious: You would be surprised to know that you can use Magento for powering up to 500,000 products on a single site, and can manage over 80,000 orders per hour.

E. In-built Cross-sells & Upsells: Upsells & Cross-sells options are highly powerful for increasing the sales which are available in Magento.

F. 3rd Party Integrations: Magento allows 3rd party alliances to connect with your store such as payment integrations, delivery partners, logistics providers, etc.
G. Customize Security Permissions: Magento comes with powerful security options to ensure the site remains safe from hackers and have multiple levels of security.

H. Gigantic Community: There are more than 240,000 businesses that are using Magento for their e-commerce needs along with 800,000 estimated developers worldwide.

I. Intelligent Filtered Search for Customers: There is a unique search term cloud used by Magento for product tag filters, product reviews, and the ability to configure search with auto-suggested terms.

J. Saves time & cost: There are a lot of Magento extensions available which you can use for scaling up the features & functionalities without beginning from scratch.

If you want to develop a professional Magento store then it at least takes 3 months for the development. You may hear from some people that they can develop the Magento store within just 2-3 weeks but this would include just a formation of the site in Magento. There would be no promising features or functionalities in the store and hence it would be good for nothing. However, if you want to develop a store on which the customer can purchase items, engage with the store, then it will take a large amount of time – even up to 6 months in some cases. If you want to get consultation for a business store, please reach us.

There are numerous options available for hosting your Magento store. Some of the top web hosting platforms which support Magento are:
InMotion Hosting
Web Hosting Hub

There are many factors which will determine the cost of developing an e-commerce store such as the hourly cost of the developer, which in turn will depend upon the developer’s experience and his location. For e.g. in the USA or Eastern Europe the developer’s hourly rates can range between $50-100 per hour while in south-eastern countries such as in India, the development rates can lie between $25-50 per hour. It doesn’t mean the efficiency or skills are lower than the US or Europe. You will get the best Magento development services by us at affordable rates.
Are you planning to enter the e-commerce market or you wish to switch your existing e-commerce platform then you can definitely use Magento development services. It is an open-source platform with high flexibility and is SEO optimized. It is responsive, scalable, and comes with multiple storefronts with single back-end.
The Magento support team is 24 x 7 available to listen and resolve your queries. You can directly reach on the Magento official site. They also offer tech resources, developer documentation, Magento forums, Solution partners, etc. which would be really helpful to manage your custom Magento store.

There are many different secure payment gateways which come by default in the Magento. You can activate these payment gateways by entering some data you can find out from the provider. Here are these:

Magento 2 Default Payment Gateways: Braintree, PayPal All in One Payment Solutions, Paypal Payment Gateways, Paypal Express Checkout, Check/ Money Order, Bank Transfer Payment, Cash On Delivery Payment, Zero Subtotal Checkout, Purchase Order, Direct Post

International Payment Gateways: Paypal,, Amazon Payment, 2CheckOut, Cybersource, Braintree, Skrill
Europe: Ingenico Payment Service (Ogone), Easy by DIBS, WorldPay
Nordic Countries: Klarna, Quickpay
Germany: Payone, Paymill, Novalnet
United Kingdom: Sage Pay, Payza
USA: Dwolla
Australia: Pin Payments, SecurePay

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