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Overview: Developers of Ceymox helped Lumibright in developing their entire E-commerce store from scratch using Magento by satisfying the custom requirements.

Lumibright is a global manufacturer of energy-saving, smart LED Lighting solutions across all lighting elements: Power, Control, Lamps, and Luminaries. Founded in 2006 in the UK with a passionate, dedicated team and a longstanding East-West partnership with global infrastructure. Having adopted the principle to thrive and a clear understanding of brand and quality, coupled with continuous development, customized service to suit, and high-level design, Lumibright has the power to transform lives by providing lighting solutions that contribute to a healthier, sustainable environment.

Client's Objectives

The Lumibright team approached Ceymox for the need to develop an e-commerce store for providing lighting solutions to customers across the globe. They needed flawless inventory & product management, a product listing page with an advanced filter option, a customer selection data sheet download feature, a Quote Cart (For requesting quotes – especially for B2B customers), single page checkout, a high-level custom portfolio listing page, and tab feature on configurable products.


There were 2 main challenges faced by Ceymox:

  1. Custom Product Listing Page with Advanced Filter Options: Lumibright needed a completely custom product listing page with advanced filter options 
  2. Custom Portfolio Listing Page: The client requested a custom portfolio listing page that can be controlled easily from the backend.

Our Approach

We at Ceymox suggested the Magento E-commerce Platform for Lumibright’s E-commerce Store. Then, the designers of Ceymox shared some mockups with the client after analyzing their needs. Magento experts of Ceymox started working on the e-commerce store from scratch after the mockup approval. The entire e-commerce website was built with a custom design to fulfill the client’s requirements.

Flawless Inventory Management is very important for an e-commerce company. Ceymox team integrated the best-in-market ERP platform called ERPNext on Lumibright’s Store. ERPNext helps in inventory management, sales, accounting, purchase, CRM, administration, etc.

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We developed the custom product listing page with an advanced and unique filter option that makes the product listing page entirely different from other stores. By using this feature, the customer can view the list of products by selecting a particular filter option in a simple and user-friendly way. This feature was developed with the help of JavaScript.

As per the Lumibright team’s requirement, Ceymox has implemented a customer selection data sheet report download feature on their store with the help of a custom layout and module integration. Using this feature, the customer can download a data sheet of the selected products including the selected filter details, variables & attributes.

The second main feature we have provided to Lumibright is the Custom Portfolio Listing Page named Projects. This was developed by building a custom module based on the client’s needs. By using this, the client can add their worked projects or portfolio with images, differentiated based on project categories.

We developed a tab feature on the configurable products detail page, collaboratively with the help of the front-end team. This enhancement enables customers to conveniently choose product variables or attributes by simply clicking on the button. i.e., Customers can select products by selecting product specifications one by one and they will get the entire specification selection details at the end of the spec selection procedure. After that, customers can add the product to the cart or buy the product.

The Ceymox team also implemented a Quote Cart feature that can be used by the customer to request a quote for a product or set of products. The customer can use this feature by clicking on the “Add to Projects” button on the product detail page. After clicking that button the products will be added to the Quote Cart. Customers can click on the Quote Cart button to view the Quote Cart Page where they can see the selected set of products with price details & a form that needs to be filled by the customer to get a quote of the products as a mail.  We enabled a single-page checkout option for the Lumibright Store with the Cash on Delivery (COD) option.

The Impact

The implementation of Ceymox’s E-commerce store solution helped Lumibright, especially in brand building in the B2B sector, better inventory & CRM management, and better customer engagement. Other than that Lumibright team got all the features and functional requirements requested by them nicely and conveniently. The features like a product listing page with advanced filter options, customer selection data sheet download feature, Quote Cart (For requesting quotes – especially for B2B customers), single page checkout, custom portfolio listing page, tab feature on configurable products, etc. enhanced the customer experience, brand value and uniqueness of the whole online store.

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