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Overview: Ceymox assisted Kalyan Silks in enhancing their online shopping experience by undertaking a comprehensive store redesign, implementing crucial Magento upgrades, and integrating omnichannel functionality.

Kalyan Silks, the world’s largest silk saree showroom network, has earned the trust of Kerala for over a century. Renowned for its excellence, Kalyan Silks boasts world-class showrooms in Kochi, Thrissur, Palakkad, Kozhikode, Kannur, Kottayam, Thiruvalla, Trivandrum, Thodupuzha, Attingal, Kunnamkulam, Kasaragod, Payyannur, Chalakkudy, Kalpetta, Perinthalmanna, Bengaluru, Erode, Salem, and international locations in Dubai, Sharjah, Abudhabi, Meena Bazaar, Al Qusais, and Muscat. This textile retail leader continues to expand, with upcoming showrooms in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, and Singapore, reinforcing its global presence and commitment to quality and tradition.

Client's Objectives

Initially, Kalyan Silks approached Ceymox with the need to migrate their existing e-commerce store from Magento 1 to Magento 2. Following the successful migration, they encountered some bugs and issues on their old site, prompting them to engage Ceymox for ongoing support for their store.

Afterwards, the Kalyan Silks team proposed a complete redesign and revamp of their old e-commerce site.

The Kalyan Silks team sought a high-quality mobile experience, prompting the development of a responsive Android and iOS app mirroring their redesigned website. This fully functional and fast application ensures a seamless shopping experience for mobile users, aligning with Kalyan Silks’ commitment to excellence and user satisfaction. 

Recently, Kalyan Silks asked for the implementation of Omnichannel support for their store. Ceymox partnered with Fynd, a company specializing in building modular tech infrastructure tailored to support omnichannel goals and transform retail experiences. The most recent update that Kalyan Silks sought entailed the seamless integration of the Fynd Module into their e-commerce store.


There were 2 main challenges faced by Ceymox:

  1. Fynd Module Integration: For the implementation of omnichannel support, the Kalyan Silks team required an omnichannel module. Ceymox suggested the Fynd module for the same. The main challenge was that the module was not GraphQL-supported. The dedicated Magento Developers at Ceymox created a custom Fynd Module with GraphQL support.
  2. GST Module Integration: GST Module integration on the new PWA site was a little bit challenging since most of the GST Module was not GraphQL supportable. Ceymox needed to make a customized GST Module with GraphQL support. 

Our Approach

Initially, the Kalyan Silks team approached Ceymox to migrate their Magento 1 Store to Magento 2. The Adobe certified experts at Ceymox completed the migration. Subsequently, they engaged in fixing bugs and providing ongoing support for the store.

The Kalyan team then expressed the need for a complete site redesign and revamp of their current e-commerce store with enhanced features, functionality, responsiveness, and performance. After considering the client’s thoughts and opinions, the designers at Ceymox shared a series of design mockups for the new store, taking into account the brand color and style.

Upon client approval, Ceymox began the implementation. To ensure better responsiveness and performance, Ceymox suggested building the site using PWA (Progressive Web Apps) technology with NextJS as the front-end and Magento as the backend, resulting in a Headless e-commerce structure. Magento 2 Developers at Ceymox started developing the store with Next Js & Magento 2 after confirming with the client. The migration of old users, products, and categories data to the new store was successfully completed.

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Being an Indian company, Kalyan Silks needed a proper taxing structure with GST support. As the new store was in PWA and the module integration required GraphQL support, Ceymox helped in the integration of the custom Magecomp GST module with GraphQL support.

The most recent feature added to the Kalyan Silks store was the implementation of the Fynd module. The Kalyan team needed omnichannel functionality, and Ceymox experts suggested the Fynd module. Although the module lacked GraphQL support, Ceymox customized it with GraphQL and seamlessly integrated it into the e-commerce store.

Ceymox’s team also played a crucial role in creating the mobile application for the e-commerce store by mirroring the design and features of the website. This was achieved using Flutter technology for both IOS and Android devices.

The Impact

Ceymox’s comprehensive solutions for Kalyan Silks have significantly improved their e-commerce operations. This includes a refined user experience, seamless omnichannel support, and a notable increase in sales. Overall, these enhancements have strategically positioned Kalyan Silks for sustained growth and heightened competitiveness in the e-commerce space.

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