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Overview : Experts of Ceymox solved main challenges regarding ERP in LEDWorld’s eCommerce Store by integrating ERPNext with Magento.

LED WORLD LLC is a part of multidimensional Inspired Holding Group with head office located in Al Quoz, Dubai. They represent the best and reliable 20+ brands in the industry and promote only eco-friendly lighting solutions. Since its inception, the name LEDWORLD stands for itself created to cater to 360 degree LED products and services to their customers. 

They operate with five divisions which are Commercial/Accent Lighting – Outdoor/Decorative Lighting- Retail/Indoor Lighting – Home/Residential Lighting -Sign Supply Divisions. With the innovation and passion for lighting, LEDWORLD established itself as the first choice for lighting solutions amongst architects, specifiers, designers where they have professional lighting solutions among various brands with all required electrical and decorative products sold under one roof.



LEDWorld, a leading provider of LED lighting services & solutions, sought to optimise their ERP processes and enhance their customer experience. Their existing configuration lacked seamless coordination, inefficient workflows. To address these challenges, LEDWorld approached Ceymox, a trusted Magento Development Agency with expertise in ERPNext and Magento integration.

Our Approach

Ceymox commenced on a mission to empower LEDWorld with an integrated ERPNext-Magento solution. The main and primary goal was to synchronize the ERP system with the Magento e-commerce platform, thereby creating a unified and efficient ecosystem for LEDWorld’s operations.

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Key Achievements

  • Centralized flow of data with Reduced Silos: After the ERPNext integration on Magento, LEDWorld doesn’t need to worry about multiple data platforms or take the tension of remembering login credentials. Since all the data can be managed in a single place and are accessible by their team members 24 x 7.
  • Elevated Customer Experience: LEDWorld’s customers now benefit from real-time access to product availability, order status, and seamless transactions thereby providing better satisfaction to their customers.
  • Improved Efficiency and Productivity: Streamlined workflows and automated processes reduced manual data entry and minimized errors. Because of this, they noticed an increase in efficiency and productivity.
  • Improved Inventory Management: The ERP Next integration helped LEDWorld to track and manage all their orders, monitor the warehouse & production, and analyze sales to forecast their inventory requirements.

The Impact

Successful integration of ERPNext & Magento brought revolutionary advantages to LEDWorld both on sales and the brand. Thus resulted in Improved data accuracy, elevated customer experience, and increased operational efficiency. The partnership with Ceymox not only streamlined their operations but also positioned LEDWorld for sustained growth and success.

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