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Overview: Ceymox assisted Kalyan Hyper in revolutionizing the online shopping experience by completely redesigning the store and taking multi-store functionality to the next level.

Kalyan Hypermarket prides itself in being a leader in Kerala’s largest food and grocery service! With over 60,000 products and over 2000 brands in their catalog you will find everything you are looking for. They connected Ceymox for a complete revamp of their e-commerce store and mobile application with all the existing product, category, and customer data they had before.

Client's Objectives

The Kalyan Hyper team approached Ceymox requesting the revamp of the entire e-commerce store & mobile application without losing the existing customer, product, and category data. They needed to improve the user experience by changing the entire design of the store by considering the brand. The client asked for a faster e-commerce store and mobile application solution. 

Kalyan Hyper has 3 physical stores across Kerala and they needed to implement these in the e-commerce store using multi-store functionality. The inventory needed to be updated accordingly. By this, they can filter customers by city and deliver products from the appropriate nearby stores. As their current ecommerce store was built on the older Magento version, they needed a platform upgrade and migration too.


There were 3 main challenges faced by Ceymox:

  1. Existing customer, product, and category data migration: The first challenge was the migration of the whole existing customer, product, and category data to the new store.
  2. Enabling multi-store: The client needed a multi-store e-commerce solution and the inventory should be updated as per the store. This was the second challenge faced by Ceymox.
  3. Existing Modules & GraphQL Issues: Existing modules on the store had some GraphQL support issues during the creation of the new store.

Our Approach

The first and foremost step done by Ceymox was the sharing of the mockup design for the new Kalyan Hyper ecommerce store. Designers of Ceymox created mockups by utilizing their creative thoughts and client’s suggestions by retaining the brand style and colour. Parallelly they have created the mockups for the IOS/Android mobile application of the store. After client approval, Ceymox started the implementation process.

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As part of the implementation process, the Magento development team of Ceymox saved a backup of all the existing category, product, and customer information that needs to be migrated into the new e-commerce store. Kalyan Hyper team needed a faster and more responsive store than ever before. So the team at Ceymox decided to build the e-commerce website as PWA so that the customers could access the site in a faster and more responsive way on any type of device.

Developers and designers together decided to develop the e-commerce website using Magento as the backend and Next.JS as the frontend for enabling the PWA experience in the website. By enabling PWA, the customers can access the e-commerce website faster on any device and give the mobile app like responsive experience on mobile devices. The existing e-commerce platform of the website was an older version of Magento. Therefore they needed a version upgrade and migration.

Kalyan Hyper City-wise filtering (Multi Store)

During development, developers faced some GraphQL support issues with existing or old modules in the store. So the Ceymox team created those modules in a custom way to enable GraphQL support. Along with that, we have imported the whole existing backup of products, categories, and customer data to the new store. Developers also implemented the multi-store functionality with appropriate store inventory updates to the e-commerce website. Thereby enabling the customer to city-wise filtering while shopping for the products. 

The mobile app was a needy thing for the Kalyan Hyper Team. They already had a mobile app which was created according to the previous design & functionalities. Mobile app developers at Ceymox created an entirely new mobile application for IOS and Android with multi-store functionality that matches the newly created website design.

The Impact

The Kalyan Hyper team achieved their vision of a completely revamped e-commerce store. The newly developed multi-store website and mobile application by Ceymox led to notable improvements in sales, user experience, brand recognition, and revenue for the Kalyan Hypermarket.

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