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Overview : Team of Ceymox helped AnjaliFab in developing their entire B2C Fashion E-commerce Store including their old ReachERP integration.

Anjali Fabric Collections showcases the latest trendy designer apparels and dress materials affordable for everyone with a wide selection. They offer an exquisite array of products ranging from everyday casual wear to party wear designer suits.


In this client story, we look at how regional fashion retailer AnjaliFab was transformed from being in-store to an online success story. The purpose of this project was to design a flexible and user-friendly eCommerce website which will integrate smoothly with their local ERP system. Although this integration with ERP was an issue for Ceymox, through the collective work of the development team we managed to implement a beautifully presented, fully-functional digital storefront.

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Project Scope and Objectives:

Client Objectives:

AnjaliFab decided to take its offline retail to the online world but with a hassle-free consumer experience. The objective was to create an aesthetic & usable E-Commerce Website that adhered to the brand’s core values & appealed towards different audience groups.

ERP Integration Challenge:

The most challenging part of the project was integrating the local ERP system called Reach ERP. The client relied heavily on this ERP system to manage their inventory, orders, and finances. Unfortunately, the system did not have proper API documentation, and the ERP support team couldn’t help us to.

Project Execution and Solutions:

Website Design and Functionality:

The Ceymox team worked very collaboratively with the client to design an appealing and user-intuitive web interface for the e-commerce storefront. We ensured the integration of essential elements such as a search bar, filters, shopping cart, and a secure payment gateway which enhanced users’ overall shopping experience.

ERP Integration Strategy:

To overcome the issue of ERP integration, the development department used a hybrid strategy. The integration was achieved using a mix of bespoke programming along with specifically selected plugins from third parties connecting the website to Reach ERP.

Inventory and Order Management:

The integration proved a boon for AnjaliFab as it was able to effortlessly handle inventories and orders for their brick-and-mortar and online stores. This connected eco-system facilitated a smooth operation process which helped in delivering better customer service.

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Outcomes and Impact:

  • Website Launch and Client Satisfaction:

    After many man-days put in, e-commerce portal integrated with ERP was launched and came into effect as per clients view. AnjaliFab was happy with the end result for its adherence to brand identity and the ease of integrating with their ERP system.

  • Sales Growth and Improved Traffic:

    After successful creation of the website, has seen a massive rise in both sales and traffic to the website.


A successful partnership between AnjaliFab and Ceymox development team was showcased through this case study including facing issues together to develop an entire end to end B2C e-commerce fashion store. With a good website design, smooth ERP integration, and a great focus on Customer Experience, filled the void of physical as well as digital Retail. And this change is a proof of what local businesses can achieve in the digital world when you have the knowledge and strategic solutions.

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