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This case study is the collective efforts of and Ceymox, focusing on the successful upgrade to Magento 2, integration of an ERP system, and development of specialised custom payment module.

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Explorer needed to do several upgrades, customizations and ERP integration for fastening their flow of e-commerce store process.

The client approached Ceymox through an agency, for upgrading their existing Magento 1 website to Magento 2 and customizing their design to include additional features such as integration with an ERP system, a custom payment link.

Client's Objectives

The primary goals were to upgrade the existing Magento 1 platform to Magento 2, infuse the website with a modern custom theme, integrate a new payment gateway, and facilitate seamless integration with an ERP system. 

Our Approach

Ceymox began by upgrading the existing Magento 1 platform website to Magento 2, followed by data migrating into the system. Then we integrated a new custom theme to give the website a fresh and modern look. The website had a few product rules, those were implemented into the new platform. Ceymox integrated client’s ERP system to smoothen inventory management and order processing.

The important part was the integration of Payfort, new payment gateway, which allowed customers to pay their orders in a secure way using preferred payment methods addition to PayPal. Ceymox also created a customized module for the client that allowed the admin users to make manual orders from the back-end by adding products requested by customers. The admin users were required to enter the billing and shipping information of the customer to create the order. After creating the order, a “Send Payment Link” button appears against the order in the admin panel. Clicking on that button will mail an e-mail to customer with a link to the payment page. Customers can complete the payment process on this page, after that other order processes will work automatically. It’s worth noting that admin users did not have the option to edit or update the created orders.

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Project Execution and Solutions:

Platform Upgrade and Data Migration:

The project commenced with a comprehensive upgrade of the Magento 1 platform to Magento 2, accompanied by meticulous data migration.

Custom Theme Integration:

A fresh and contemporary custom theme was seamlessly integrated to elevate the website’s aesthetics, performance, and user engagement. Theme hold client’s unique product rules, ensuring a consistent & visually appealing experience.

ERP Integration:

The integration of the client’s ERP system was instrumental in streamlining inventory management and order processing.

Payment Gateway Integration:

Incorporation of a new payment gateway, Payfort, strengthened the website’s payment options and helped customers to complete transactions securely using different types of payment methods, in addition to existing PayPal option.

Custom Payment Module:

A bespoke payment module was developed, enabling admin users to create manual orders from the backend. This intuitive module facilitated the addition of products as per customer requests. Upon order creation, an automated “Send Payment Link” feature was introduced, enhancing customer convenience.

The Impact

The upgraded and customized website has helped the client enhance their online presence and increase sales. The new custom theme, in combination with the upgraded Magento platform, has improved the website’s performance, speed, and user experience. The integration of the ERP system and the new payment gateway has streamlined the client’s operations, making it easier for them to manage their inventory and process orders efficiently.

Ceymox’s Magento development team successfully upgraded and customized to meet the client’s requirements. The new features, including the custom payment link, manual order creation, and integration with the Payfort payment gateway, have made it easier for the client to manage their online store and serve their customers more efficiently.

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