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New Zealand based speciality furniture store Furniture Zone trusted the power of eCommerce by integrating its offline stores across the island with an eCommerce solution powered by ScandiPWa for a headless Magento solution in view of improving user experience. 

Furniture Zone has stores around the North Island, all of which stock and sell great quality and value for money furniture and beds. Visualizing the potential of eCommerce and to extend great customer experience for their customers while purchasing materials for their interior furnishing, Furniture Zone wished to launch an eCommerce platform that seamlessly integrates inventory of all of its stores with a dynamic store front. 

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Magento was the platform chosen by the company valuing the versatility of the platform for content management and flexibility in third party integrations.The furniture store wants a cleaner architecture with top priority on security. The company also wants its store to be flexible in design and can be easily extendable. Moreover, the company requires a much flexible front end with great load speed with a prime objective to market it faster.

Ceymox Technologies has suggested headless eCommerce as a solution, an API-based approach to digitallize multiple omnichannel retail sales channels, as it is the most trending and best fit solution for retailers who are hyper-focused on user experience. Headless Magento is the approach of separating the front-end of the ecCommerce store from the eCommerce platform to take the advantage of maximizing the operational performance and flexibility. Headless eCommerce works on the principle of using a different front-end framework or Content Management System and retrieves data or content from the backend using APIs and presents them in the store front. 

The key challenges for the project were the requirement of maintaining two technologies and the possible complexities over third party integrations.  As far as a developer is concerned, non-availability of the APIs and incompatibility of third parties are another problem that needs to be addressed. 

Certified Magento Experts from Ceymox suggested ScandiPWA as the PWA Solution for this project, considering the advantage of the solution which does not have a middle layer that could slowdown the performance, cause bugsand  which inturn can avoid maintenance to a great extent. 

Trusted and used by a large number of the developer community, ScandiPWA is the best open-source which reads and writes directly to Magento. Experts at Ceymox installed ScandiPWA on top of the Magento 2 Platform by ensuring uninterrupted back-end operations, reporting, and integrations. The key feature in ScandiPWA is a smart caching layer between the user and database for enabling the users with content delivery in milliseconds.  The development helped Furniture Zone to enhance the user experience of its customers with a faster loading front-end in desktop, mobile and any other devices. The newly built store with a dynamic front-end  focuses only on delivering content and thus the performance has been improved 10x.

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Trusted on the potential of headless eCommerce, Furniture Zone is now happily doing business with headless Magento. The more flexible design and feature-rich theme helped them to engage with more customers and perform marketing activities with ease. 

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