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Your hosting requirements may change based on the growth of your online business. Ceymox is at your assistance to help you adopt the essentials while you scale-up your business, by helping you to spend for the right at the right time. A team of experts having knowledge in Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, Nexus, VPN, Shared hosting for eCommerce will assist you.


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Our Certifications

We believe just a certification does not make us certified. Attitude, Performance, and Commitment to self and to the team. Along with these three and a certificate makes our developers really certified.

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What makes us different?

There are many Magento Development Companies around the world. Then why we or what makes us different is the question on your mind. We have an accurate answer for that.

We have a highly experienced Magento Developers team who are also certified in Magento Development. They can provide you with the best results and owes to these specialties:

1. Passionate:

We hire those Magento experts who are not just tech enthusiasts but also love their work. The coders are passionate about their jobs and believe in delivering the best results.

2. Best Talent:

Our hiring team is highly cautious to hire only the best developers who have vast experience and have worked in different industries.

3. Expertise:

Our highly skilled Magento Developers are highly focused to gain skills in newer technologies and keep themselves up-to-date with new tools, languages etc.

4. Experience:

Only a highly experienced Magento Developer can value your investment and time. Our developers have a strong vision for the clients’ project.

5. Appropriate Size:

You can hire the Magento developers as per your requirement. We follow a scalable and flexible team model with transparent working.

6. Speedy Set-up:

We can on-board projects after finalizing the requirements in the minimum possible time. The team gets familiar with the project quickly and initiates development asap.

7. Cost Savings:

Get highly cost-efficient Magento developers with vast experience and quality experience in Ceymox Technologies.

8. Full Transparency:

We follow agile methodology and sprint development process with the daily scrum meetings for ensuring 100% transparency.

9. Easy Communication:

We make sure to have fluent communication with our clients as per your time zone. Our sales representatives can communicate with you over Skype, mail, or whatever platform you prefer.


We engaged Ceymox for increasing our Magento2 speed.. it is so much faster now, its saving our much time as compared to the previous version where I had to wait and wait. You and your team are awesome!!

Larry Paulson
Project Head

The flexibility & adaptability to give responses in a reflexive manner on all communication has been the biggest strength of team Ceymox. I recommend their service for all.

David John

They have been very hard-working and extremely good in time management. I am very happy with the team and the engagement.

Jenny Wineburg
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