Algolia Meets Magento

Overview : “The technological acumen of Ceymox Technologies solved concerns of a B2B e- Commerce platform, adding the advantages of improved search and increased sales rate through Algolia Integration.

Wafiapps. is a B2B online multi vendor marketplace offering 80,000+ products. Based in Bahrain, the platform is currently operating across the Middle East. Bulk business offers and retail buy options are enabled in the webportal. Apart from this, the platform hosts an affiliate marketing program and reward programs.

Wafiapps approached Ceymox for improving the search tuning helping customers to find and purchase exactly the products they need. Apart from this, they also require to integrate the BENEFIT payment gateway for safe and seamless transactions.


Post Integration

Wafiapps was operating in the most reliable e-Commerce engine Magento whereby it adapts the default full text search functionality. The default functionality was limited to show products which are an exact match to the search term.


In an e-commerce website, the majority of the visitors use site search functionality to find their
products and if they couldn’t find the products, their buying decision is redefined and may leave
the store without buying anything.

User-friendliness in search also is a key factor in the success of an e-commerce portal as the ease
of finding the products and search plays a huge role in the revenue of the webportal. Customer’s
product search habits have been changing and a real-time update is required to provide accurate,
swift search results. The default Magento search functionality offers limited attributes and this
may slowdown the search engine optimization efforts.

Our Approach

After evaluating the e-Commerce portal, the experts found that the lower sales is attributable to the limited search functionality of the platform leading to higher bounce rate. Ceymox suggested Wafiapps to replace the default search of Magento with a typo-tolerant, swift and accurate search module and Algolia extension was suggested.

Algolia is a search engine API enabling the marketplace to provide real-time results from the first keystroke. The Algolia extension is based on algoliasearch-client-php, autocomplete.js and instantsearch.js. Algolia lowers search time by offering real-time search suggestions to customers and allows customers to search the entire catalog with fast results as they type. Alogolia also features multi language support, analytics, catalog auto syncing and has higher typography tolerance.

Magento Algolia Integration was not that easy to configure. It is a lengthy process, and requires coding efforts to implement the same. After creating an Algolia Account, the API was installed by using the Magento Composer and configured in the Magento Store. Further, the facets were configured and cleared cache from Magento. Moving on, data from the Magento stores were uploaded in the Algolia servers and indexed them to become searchable. Further, we have scheduled a cron to share the updates with Algolia Server on frequent intervals. The configuration, indexing were successful and the website showed improved results. Post
configuration, the e-commerce portal offered fast and reliable search offering quick and most relevant search experience to customers. The bounce rate was critically reduced, thereby improving revenue.

Ceymox also integrated the #1 payment gateway service provider, BENEFIT with the magento store and was successful.

Now Wafiapps’ Search Engine visibility has improved and improved in-store search functionality. This integration helped them to improve their sales manifold.

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