Clik2pay announces e-commerce plug-ins for Magento Commerce and Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Clik2pay announces e-commerce plug-ins for Magento Commerce and Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Clik2pay, a popular payment service provider has recently announced that it is now available to deploy on Magento or Adobe Commerce and Salesforce Commerce. It has launched a Magento Commerce plug-in and Salesforce Commerce Cloud cartridge. Now online retailers can seamlessly deploy this payment solution in their e-commerce stores and offer a direct-from-account payment option to customers.

Clik2pay is the first payment provider in Canada to provide real-time payments to businesses by which customers can easily and securely make payments from their bank accounts. A retailer can decrease the payment processing fees by up to 50% using Clik2pay. It also increases its audience base by opening the facility of online payments to millions of Canadians who don’t use credit cards and abandon the cart due to payment issues. Thus, this payment provider is helping the e-commerce store owners in reducing abandonment cart rates, boosting sales, and increasing customer loyalty.

Clik2pay leverages bank-grade security and high standards to manage risk by using secure money transfer services worldwide. For businesses, it provide many features such as easy-to-use APIs, end-to-end payment tracking, real-time notifications, status updates and a complete settlement file.

How does Clik2pay work?

Using Clik2pay, users can immediately make payments through online banking without any sign-up. They are provided with the following options to make a Clik2pay payment:

  1. The QR Code: If the users don’t want to click buttons then they just need to scan the Clik2pay QR Code on the e-bill using the smartphone camera.
  2. The Short Code: There is a unique short code provided on the or on the seller’s website which customers can use for making the payment.
  3. Text-To-Pay: The customers can make payments using the Text-to-pay link in a text message.

Why use Clik2pay in your Magento 2 store?

  1. Connected: You can link Clik2pay directly from the bill, invoice, or SMS to make the payment using your smartphone.
  2. Control: Approve each payment individually, without registering banking account or credit card information.
  3. Easy: Clik2pay is highly easy to use. No set-up is required in the process, and customers must use online banking to log in and pay.
  4. Fast: It takes only a few seconds to make the payment and your balance will be updated immediately.

Magento Commerce Integration:

Clik2pay payment gateway has developed an extension or plugin for Magento stores by which the Magento store owners can integrate Clik2pay payment solutions in their stores or products seamlessly. The extension is easy to download, and retailers can add this extension as an option to their checkout page. After the installation of the extension, they can accept payments from customers directly from their bank accounts.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Integration:

For both the SiteGenesis and SFRA platforms used by Salesforce Commerce Cloud, Clik2pay has built a cartridge by which retailers can offer this as a payment option on the checkout page to receive payment directly from the customer’s bank account.

Wrapping Up:

Clik2pay is a widely accepted and used payment option in Canada. Thus, if you are opening an e-commerce store for a Canadian audience, you must integrate this payment option. At Ceymox Technologies, we are having expertise in developing e-commerce stores with various features and functionalities. Let us know your requirements.

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