Best Amazon Integration Extensions For Your Magento 2 Store

Best Amazon Integration Extensions For Your Magento 2 Store

When a new startup goes online for the business, it is not easy to bring a lot of traffic to the website. People don’t easily trust new businesses and are looking for reliable assurance. Thus, selling on popular marketplaces like Amazon helps such brands to get better visibility, and improve sales, and people also start trusting these sellers. For effective selling and managing the underlying operations, it is necessary to integrate your Magento 2 store and the Amazon account. You can offer your items to a new audience after integrating your Magento 2 store with Amazon. Also, the product inventory synchronization, pricing, and orders across the two systems without mismanaging any data is essential for successful selling across both platforms.

If you are running an online Magento 2 store and want to integrate it with Amazon, then you are reading the right article. In this article, we will understand why you should integrate your Magento 2 store with Amazon in the first place and what are the best Amazon integration extensions available for your Magento 2 store.

What is Magento and Amazon Integration?

Magento comes with an exceptional API interface which allows you to easily integrate with other platforms including Amazon. Through the integration, there will be synchronization in inventory, price, and product attributes for seamless sales on both storefronts. After gaining popularity on these marketplaces, you would be able to serve your audience on your website thus increasing your brand value, trust, and popularity.

Benefits of Magento 2 and Amazon Integration:

Integration of your Magento 2 store with Amazon selling capabilities with real-time data synchronization can take your business to the next level of success. Here are a few benefits of the Magento 2 Amazon integration:

1. Increase Visibility:

Magento Amazon integration increases the visibility of your offerings as your products are being displayed to millions of daily users coming to the Amazon site for shopping. If your brand becomes popular among these customers, no one can stop it from achieving success in the long run.  The customers would be able to find your items in the shortest amount of time.

2. Save valuable time:

It is essential to utilize your time in focusing on your business needs instead of wasting it in managing the data on two different platforms. A Magento 2 Amazon integration gives you a single integrated Magento 2 dashboard from where you can manage sales, customers, and orders on both platforms.

3. Improve Customer Experience:

You can deliver a better customer experience with this integration. Suppose your inventory is out of stock, however, the status hasn’t been updated to Amazon, and the customer makes an order. It will result in the cancellation of orders and ultimately lead to poor customer experience.

4. Less costs:

Apart from saving time, you can also reduce operating costs with Magento 2 Amazon integration. In the e-commerce business, every second costs a lot. With Amazon Magento 2 integration, you don’t need to put the data manually at both storefronts which results in less human resource requirements.

5. Order Management:

As the data will be synchronised in real-time, the order made on Amazon will get updated on your inventory status, and this further affects the stock on your online store as well. As all this data is synchronized, there will be streamlined order fulfilment from the Magento Admin Panel.

6. Support for Other Systems:

It makes sense to invest in a system that supports accounting, POS, and ERP platforms if you want to cater to your business’s long-term needs. It also means that your integration efforts won’t be impacted if you later alter your back-end technology.

7. Inventory Management:

With this integration, you will get regular notifications if any product falls below a certain level in stock. Also, you will be notified when there are returns of any product and other scenarios. Additionally, you’ll be able to stop worrying about inventories and concentrate on giving your customers the best possible experiences.

What to do before Magento 2 Amazon Integration?

Before integrating your Magento 2 store with Amazon, make sure you complete the following tasks for a seamless integration.

  • Centralize all the data (both online and offline) in Magento. After forming the connection between these two platforms, you would be able to transfer the right amount of data to Amazon when you want to list or update the products. It helps eliminate data duplication and gives you better control over inventory and order management. The merchants can also use a POS for seamless synchronization and consolidate online and offline data in a single location.
  • Identify which data you want to transfer from your Magento store to Amazon, along with the frequency of the updates. As per the needs, you can select the option of integration like manual, scheduled, or real-time.

Best Amazon Integration Extensions For Your Magento 2 Store:

Here is the list and detailed explanation of the top Magento 2 extensions to integrate Amazon with your store:

1. Adobe Commerce Amazon Sales Channel:

As Magento is now Adobe’s product, no doubt the extensions and modules offered by Adobe would be the best for Magento functionalities and the same is true for Amazon integration as well. For the integration of Amazon, Adobe itself offers its extension which lets you seamlessly share and transfer between the Magento store and Amazon. It is a free extension by Adobe which enables you to link with Amazon’s marketplaces in the USA, Canada, Mexico, and the UK. Millions of customers will become your target audience and you can manage the sales on Amazon directly from the dashboard of your Magento admin. This extension will help you grow your business and your brand on both ends.

Main Features:
  • Leverage advanced pricing rules to compete with your competitors and improve the probability of getting the coveted Buy Box without compromising the profit margins.
  • Use FBA (Fulfilment By Amazon), fulfil on your own, and both for providing products to buyers.
  • Manage the inventory levels between your Magento store and Amazon
  • Use currency conversion tool to support multiple currencies
  • Set individual products or group of products overrides for attributes like price, handling time, etc.
  • Import images, product details, and Amazon product attributes for your current catalogue products to improve your Adobe Commerce catalogue.


Supported Magento Version:


This extension by M2E Pro lets you manage all your selling channels from one place. It is a fully automated and highly customizable solution that lets you conduct an entire business from one place – your Magento store. As the name indicates, it lets you synchronize the Magento store with Amazon, eBay and Walmart online stores.

With integration by M2E pro, you can easily create and manage listings, orders, and inventory, right from the Magento admin dashboard. Thus, you are not required to log in to each marketplace separately which will save you time and effort.

M2E Pro is a large Magento solution integrating with eBay, Amazon, and Walmart marketplaces making the multi-channel sales experience easy and time-saving.

Main Features:
  • Lets you create your own flexible selling rules. It allows you to customize the quantity displayed on channels (marketplaces) or the costs as per your business requirements.
  • Handle all the orders from different marketplaces in one place. It can process orders much faster and track order activity.
  • Easy listing of products: In just a few clicks, you can list all your products from the Magento store to these different marketplaces. Automate listing management by grouping products and applying settings templates to them.
  • Real-time inventory control: Whatever the number of products on sale is, you have full control over your inventory. There will be no issues of under or over-selling.
  • Automatic order processing: The orders will be directly dispatched from your Magento store and the invoices, cancel, return, refund, etc. will get managed automatically.
  • Flexible Selling Strategies: You can set different pricing and quantity rules at Amazon and also run promotions and manage price deals to create the most attractive offers.

It comes in 3 editions:

  1. Starter: $68 per month
  2. Business: $136 per month
  3. Enterprise: $680 per month
Supported Magento Version:​


This extension by 247 CloudHub lets you connect your Magento 2 store with Amazon, eBay and other popular marketplaces along with the couriers’ integration service. The retailer gets access to a flexible multichannel e-commerce platform with a customizable framework that can meet even the complex requirements. It is designed in a way to help online retailers expand their businesses into new geographies and leading marketplaces. To start using this extension you must have a separate 247 CloudHub account.

Since the account is not created during the extension installation, please contact your CloudHub Account Manager or a member of the Sales team at for account and pricing information, as well as access credentials to the 247 CloudHub platforms for use with the 247 CloudHub Multichannel Connector extension.

Main Features:
  • Allows integration of top e-commerce marketplaces, channels, and payment gateways, on your Magento store
  • Create, edit, and optimize product listings for various marketplaces and match them with the Amazon catalogue
  • Real-inventory management and update stock levels on all channels
  • Order management operations can be automated, and orders from numerous online marketplaces can be fulfilled.
  • Set repricing restrictions for Amazon ASINs in order to compete for the Buy Box or Best Offer spots.
  • To analyze critical KPIs, and generate reports with adjustable filtering features.


Supported Magento Version:​


Mag Manager is the ultimate solution to connect your Magento store with Amazon. It automatically links the products to Amazon and you can also products manually if there are custom-made products. It enhances the capability of the Magento store as it offers almost everything related to the eCommerce store from catalog management to order management. It also offers omnichannel support for your Magento store. It lets you connect with most countries of Amazon’s service including the USA, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Mexico, Canada, and Netherlands.

Main Features:
  • Allows configuration of exported Amazon feed fields such as title, description, weight, images, and others.
  • Check Amazon orders without having to login vendor Seller Central (No personal data provided).
  • Works offline with automatic synchronization upon reconnection.

It comes in 3 editions:

  1. Standard: $399
  2. Professional: $699
  3. Enterprise: $1999

In both Magento Open Source and Adobe Commerce, it supports Magento 2.0.x and higher versions.

Supported Magento Version:​


Codisto is a leading synchronization engine that lets you sell your products on many marketplaces and storefronts such as Amazon, eBay, Google, and Walmart. It keeps your inventory, pricing, and product data synced in real time across Magento and other channels.

Inventory counts are immediately updated in your platform’s catalogue and across all of your sales channels, orders are received instantly in your existing order flow, and changes to pricing and product data in your e-commerce platform catalogue are immediately reflected everywhere you sell.

Orders from sales channels are routed to your existing order flow, sales channels are updated with shipping status and tracking data, and inventory is kept in sync across all channels to minimize under or over-selling.

Main Features:
  • You can create new offers on the product listing in Amazon and sync it with the Seller Central account.
  • Use the existing catalogue of the Magento store to create new, ready-to-sell Amazon listings with ASINs.
  • Set up distinct Amazon pricing and inventory with simple guidelines.
  • Support for all store currencies, robust currency conversion automation, and worldwide support for FBA and FBM fulfilment options.

It comes in 5 editions:

  1. Starter Edition: $29 per month for 50 orders
  2. Growth Edition: $59 per month for 250 orders
  3. Pro Edition: $99 per month for 500 orders
  4. Power Edition: $249 per month for 1,500 orders
  5. Elite Edition: $499 per month for 3,000 orders
Supported Magento Version:​


The functioning of the CedCommerce extension is also the same, it allows Magento 2 store owners to synchronize inventory, price and other product details for creating and managing products between Amazon and Magento 2 stores. After the successful integration, the merchants are free to create new Amazon categories and the dependent attributes on the Magento 2 store.

The store owners can use this plugin to assist them in constructing a profile where they can allocate products and subsequently upload them to Without having to make any major adjustments to the operational functionalities, it allows the owner of a Magento business to manage Amazon orders on their Magento stores.

Main Features:
  • Automated fetching of products from Amazon marketplace to Magento stores.
  • Easy debugging of products and uploading them to the Amazon marketplace without any issue.
  • The admin can map multiple categories of the Magento 2 store to a single category of Amazon.
  • Auto synchronization of the product listing, order, pricing, return, refund, and inventory at regular intervals.
  • There will be notifications for lower stock below a certain threshold, and also for new orders. 

It comes in 3 editions:

  1. Community Edition: $599
  2. Enterprise Edition: $999
  3. Enterprise Cloud Edition $1,399

There will be a separate installation service cost of $49.

Supported Magento Version:​

2.3.x – 2.4.x

The Amazon connector by Webkul performs real-time updates of the synchronized product price and quantity on the Amazon store. It allows merchants to set default quantity and weight values for imported products in Magento. The Magento store admin can export Magento products as FBA products at Amazon. The admin can connect multiple Amazon accounts into a single store.

Main Features:
  • Allows import of simple as well as configurable product types.
  • Orders are fetched automatically and if order items don’t exist in Magento, they are automatically created.
  • Real-time updates of the synchronized product price and quantity on the Amazon store.
  • Fetch the order by selecting the date and time range and import from Amazon.
  • Create and manage multiple pricing rules to update the price of synchronized products automatically.

It comes in 3 editions:

  1. Community Edition: $299
  2. Enterprise Edition: $598
  3. Enterprise Cloud: $598
Supported Magento Version:​

 2.0.x – 2.4.x

How to Integrate your Magento Store with Amazon?

To connect your Magento store with Amazon, you are first required to integrate it with Amazon Seller Central. Amazon provides a Seller Central account which lets you sell and manage products on the Amazon marketplace. This account is essential to accessing Amazon services like FBA, Sponsored Products, and Prime.

Here are the steps to follow to integrate Magento with Amazon:

  1. Create an Amazon Seller Account by this link:
  2. Use a Magento Amazon integration extension.
  3. Connect the extension to your Amazon account.
  4. Customize the extension settings according to your preferences and needs.
  5. Thoroughly test the integration before the final launch.

Wrapping Up:

Integrating your Magento store with Amazon will help you to synchronize your product listings, inventory, pricing, and orders between the two platforms. So, it makes sense to invest in one of these suggested Magento Amazon integration plugins if you want to expand your business and access millions of Amazon clients. They can improve your store’s visibility on Amazon and save you money and effort.

You can also benefit from Amazon’s fulfilment and customer support services. At Ceymox Technologies, the best Magento development company in India, we have expertise in such integrations. Our experienced developers can build a Magento store from scratch with advanced features & functionalities, best performance, and high security. Let us know your requirements.

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