Best Review Tools to Use in your E-commerce Store

Best Review Tools to Use in your E-commerce Store

The second decade of 21st century has become the age of the brand instead of products. E-commerce companies are leaving no stone unturned to foster their brand awareness and building a huge reputation of their venture. An essential activity in this is to listen the customers’ feedbacks and act upon them if they are negative. After all, this is what customers expect from a brand with which they are engaging.

41.8% of the customers want brands to be socially responsible

It is common that customer shares their frustration in customer reviews when the product or service is not as per their expectations. E-commerce stores can smooth and facilitate the handing of these reviews using a Review tool.

How Customer Reviews Propel Your Business?

In today’s smart world, in which the internet is available to every second millennial, nearly 90% of users check customer reviews before making an online purchase. Reviews are the source of a valuable information of products and services quality on which the customers can rely while finding the item. Reviews also have a lot of benefits for online businesses as well.

Reviews can uplift sales by 18%

  • Increase Sales: As per a survey, e-commerce stores that use review option on their sites observe a growth of almost 20%
  • Build your brand: The way a company deals with the negative feedbacks of the customers show the credibility of the organization and thus improves the brand reputation as well.
  • Positive Promotion: This is the next benefit of the above point. After building a solid reputation and brand value, customers will start promoting your store on their own.
  • Furnishing Consumer Intelligence: When you know how customers are liking or product and more importantly disliking your product, then you can improve the product. Also, you can assess the competitors’ products and see where you beat them and where you still running low.
  • Improves personal performance: If the customers are not satiated with the tech support or other aspects of organization-client interaction, they will share their dissatisfaction with you to take punitive action.
  • Social media tracking: In today’s time, where Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are the trend-creators and setters, you can check the impact of your company and administer digital marketing campaigns.
  • Providing a multi-channel reach: The feedback people post at one digital venue can be easily shared for potential clients to see at others.
  • Improve SEO parameters: Your efforts on the store’s organic keyword footprints will lead you to get grateful clients. The reviews are after all a content that can bolster your search rankings, click-through rates, and long-tail targeting.

Now what about the bad reviews, you must be wondering. Well, it is like an ill wind that blows nothing good. Do you know that nearly two-thirds of the customers trust a review when it contains both positive as well as negative feedback?  And among consumers who look for negative scores, the conversion ratio is 85% higher!

Now you must have realized that the reviews functionality is a must for your e-commerce store. But how you can get it? Well, typically it is achieved through product review tools.

Top 4 Customer Review Tools:

Having expertise in developing e-commerce websites, the experienced developers at Ceymox Technologies know what makes a review tool best. There are many important things to look out such as it should be able to manage feedback across multiple e-commerce channels, integrate message scheduling, contain various review filters, request feedback via e-mail, and provide access to social networking sites. Also, the users should be able to add photos along with comments, give stars to the products (typically 1 to 5), and gauge not only the products but their features as well.

Here are the Best Customer Review Tools:

1. Google Reviews:

Google Reviews is having a huge reach in 80+ nations and can work like an app. After the installation, you will get a badge of Google Customer Reviews which will be displayed on every page of your store. Then, the clients who make an order from your store are sent a survey request. Customers will receive this request within 7 days after the delivery date. It is the customer’s choice to accept or decline the request but if they are satisfied with the purchase they are more likely to submit a review.

2. Yelp:

Yelp was initially developed to gather reviews about local restaurants and businesses. It focuses on getting detailed information from customers and give them long-form reviews for submission. Yelp enables the e-commerce stores not only to collect and respond to reviews but also to monitor visitor engagement as well. To use Yelp, you must have an active Yelp business page. After the launch, your website can add a request review badge on its pages or send a link to the customers in a newsletter.

3. TrustPilot:

Trustpilot is a highly popular tool that is not just used by e-commerce stores but also many other companies who are offering services. This tool promotes trust in companies’ relationships with their clients. If you integrate it with your e-commerce store, you can ask your clients or customers for feedback who have recently made a purchase from your store. You can also track reviews and response options. It will also improve SEO indexing as reviews are automatically sent to search engines.

4. Foursquare:

Foursquare is not a dedicated review tool but a networking service that you can download for free as an app on smartphones. Its purpose is to tell your kith and kin about businesses, attractions, and locations you have checked in at. Users can share their impressions in the form of reviews or read the feedback of others, which can promote a business.

As an e-commerce store owner, you can use these review tools by integrating them into your e-commerce website. But how to implement! It depends upon the e-commerce development platform on which your website is built upon. As we specialize in developing Magento-based e-commerce stores we will like to offer some tips on the integration of these tools with Magento stores.

How to implement review tools in your Magento store?

Magento is one of the most popular and highly robust e-commerce development platforms for developing e-commerce stores. Its 2nd version i.e. Magento 2 was released in 2015 and then it received a very powerful boost. Today, it accounts for up to a quarter of the total market share among e-commerce store owners across many European countries (especially the UK and Germany).

With such high popularity, it is no surprise that people search queries such as “TrustPilot Magento Integration Steps” or “How to integrate Google Reviews in Magento?” Let’s know the basics of the integration of each tool as each tool has its unique approach.

Google Reviews Magento 2 Integration:

Google Reviews tool integration is foolproof. Firstly, you have to sign in to your Google Merchant account, then choose the country and language of your store in the account settings. Then, verify and claim your website, going to the respective tab of business information settings. Now, you have to install and enable Google Customer Reviews following Growth-Manage Programs – Customer Review Sequence of steps.

After doing these steps, the checkout page of your store will feature the Survey Opt-in button as an essential requirement from the Google Customer Reviews service. Hence, Google Reviews Magento 2 e-store will showcase and manage the customers’ feedback on many sites. Also, Google can collect reviews automatically, exonerating you from the strenuous task. Thus, your Search ads and Shopping Ads will get a boost.

Yelp Magento 2 Integration:

You can integrate Yelp with the installation of a widget on any page of the site (the best & most effective choice is the About Us page or a product page). Or you can also insert it in your website template to display on all the pages. Thereafter, Yelp users will display on your site along with the client data, and pressing the Request a Review button will take visitors to the Yelp page for leaving the feedback. The other benefits of this tool are:

  • 2 options to respond to a request (Show your message or conceal the button)
  • 3 filters
  • 4 types of layouts (Grid, List, Slider, or Masonry)
  • 7 flexible widget elements: Yelp icon, header, author’s name, picture, posting date, star rating, recommendation

TrustPilot Magento Integration:

For installing TrustPilot, you first have to decide the way to integrate Trustpilot – through Compose or through Magento Marketplace. After the integration through any of the ways, you have to enter the integration key which you will get in the Magento 2 integrations section of the TrustPilot Business, into the Trustpilot General tab. Then you change the default configuration of the store view to Main Website and save it. Now it’s done.

Trustpilot gives the following features:

  • Allow you to edit text if the review request was turned down
  • 2 options to respond to a request (Show your message or conceal the button)
  • 3 template shapes for review (classic, spotlight, and bubble)
  • 5 UI elements to be coloured (review request button, background, text, rating, and links)
  • 6 switchable review components (Icon of TrustPilot, name of the author, picture, review date, recommendation, star rating)

FourSquare Magento 2 Integration:

Firstly, you need to create an external app for integrating the e-commerce store to Foursquare API. It can be done on their website by filling in the app URL, page URL, and other essential data. Then you will get credentials including a Client ID and Client Secret for entering into API fields in the Admin panel of your Magento store.

Now when you add this API into respective fields in Magento 2 Social Login settings all  Foursquare users get access to your e-commerce store. You will start getting reviews.

Wrapping Up:

Review tools are of very high importance in the e-commerce industry. Just like the mouth publicity, reviews can increase the publicity of your brand and you can also address negative feedback issues in a professional way. You must have observed that integration of these review tools is not rocket science but still requires a professional hand. At Ceymox Technologies, the best Magento 2 development company in India, we are having expertise in integrating such custom tools and implementing new custom features and functionalities. Let us know your requirements.

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