Why you should upgrade your Magento store to the latest version?

Why you should upgrade your Magento store to latest version

Nowadays, Magento has become synonymous with the term e-commerce especially for those who are planning to establish an online business with functional online stores. As per a report of Builtwith, nearly 750,000 websites are using Magento as an e-commerce CMS on the internet. Magento is renowned for its customizability, features, security and whatnot. Adding one more feather on the cap, Magento offers new updates to its platform to bring all the best to its customers. In these updates, there are better security patches, existing bugs got fixed, more features and a lot. If you have qualms over the importance of upgrading your Magento version, you must go through this blog in which we will provide you articulated reasons why you perform Magento 2 upgrade to the latest version.

Reasons For Upgrading Your Magento Store To The Latest Version:

Even a brick and mortar store retailer upgrade his store with new furniture, lights or colouring, same applies to the online store as well. And upgrading your online store is also very budget-friendly. Let’s know the major reasons for upgrade:

1. Improving Security:

You can’t take the security of your Magento store lightly. If you fail in providing utmost security to your customer in your e-commerce store, it will directly impact the sales and will also degrade your business reputation. Once it is known that the company is not trustworthy for keeping the customer data secure, no one will prefer to buy from your store. Luckily, Magento is amongst the few e-commerce platforms which come with in-built security features. These security features will protect your store from data leaks, information theft, unlawful transactions, and other malware attacks. The Magento team do many kinds of research of the potential threats for an e-commerce store and come with security patches in the new version releases.

The latest version comes with better protection to restrict any attack from hackers, DDoS, Bots, etc. There were nearly 30+ security patches in the Magento latest version, Magento 2.4.2. It includes the closing of RCE (Remote Code Execution) and XSS (Cross-Site Scripting) vulnerabilities.

2. Improving Performance:

It is obvious that when you will upgrade your platform you will get many performance advancements. It will bring many benefits to the users such as increasing website speed, page format modification, etc. which in turn will increase the conversion rate. Thus, Magento upgrades will help in boosting your revenue and sales.

The latest version of Magento is faster all around: in the items page, category pages, or other CMS pages, the sub-activities are more efficient with minimal server load time. The response time of HomePage, Category pages etc. can be load within 1.5 seconds which is an ideal time.

3. New Features and Functionalities:

The latest version of Magento will give you more viable options in terms of features and functionalities which you can use to manage and advance your e-commerce store. Let’s take the typical example of Magento 2.4.2. In this version the online merchants will get compelling discount vouchers, numerous manufactured and accessible data convert revisions.

The availability of new features with each improvement can heighten the enlargement of your online store and allows your team to better serve your customers.

4. Infrastructure Upgrade:

In the infrastructure upgrade, the quality of the framework which developers operate improves. It includes functional areas like Customer Account, Catalog, CMS, OMS, Import/Export, Promotions & Targeting, and Cart & Checkout.

5. Platform Enhancements:

The platform enhancements include code enhancements that boost API performance and Admin response time for deployments with large catalogues. Multiple scalability enhancements enable Magento 2.4.2 to natively support complex catalogues up to 20x larger than in previous releases.

Wrapping Up:

There are many reasons for upgrading your Magento store to the latest version. It will not cost huge but gives you huge benefits. At Ceymox Technologies, we can upgrade your Magento version to the latest version. We will also give you proper consultation on how to improve the UX, Performance and other KPIs of your Magento store. Let us know your requirements.

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