Top Reasons Why Hypernode is the Best Hosting Provider for Magento

Top Reasons Why Hypernode is the Best Hosting Provider for Magento

At Ceymox Technologies, we understand the importance of business growth in the online landscape and the required complex needs, particularly of cloud infrastructure and acceleration. As a leading Magento development company, that offers a range of Magento development services to startups, SMEs, and big enterprises, we can help you accelerate innovation, improve operational efficiency, and ensure robust, scalable infrastructure with Hypernode hosting. Hypernode is a highly reliable and secure hosting provider with a focus on simplicity, affordability, and developer-friendliness.

Are you on another hosting which is not meeting up your Magento demands? Then you can still leverage the benefits of Hypernode hosting as we can migrate your Magento store from any other hosting to Hypernode without losing any data. Reliable hosting plays an integral role in defining the success of your Magento store. It should be secure, scalable, fast, have a CDN network, be user-friendly, and have almost no downtime. In this article, we will go through the various reasons why Hypernode is the best hosting provider for Magento and why it is the right time to switch to Hypernode hosting.

Top Reasons Why Hypernode is the Best Magento Hosting Provider:

Here are the top 6 reasons to consider Hypernode hosting as your cloud provider of choice:

1. Performance:

In the e-commerce industry, the foremost concern for Magento hosting is its performance. Its ability to quickly load the website and lightning speed should be crucial factors. The Hypernode hosting comes with fast SSD drives with configured caching technology to achieve maximum performance. The team is also committed to working continuously to improve the platform to ensure the highest speed. Also, the company is data-independent, thus it can be used at any location across the world. All the requests in Nginx get scanned. If these are not actively loaded, they will be terminated immediately.

“Speed is essential for a Magento store to be successful and Hypernode helps sellers to push the limits of speed to the limit”.

2. Security:

In e-commerce stores, a huge amount of personal and financial data is shared by the users whose security is paramount. A secure Magento store is the greatest wish of an online seller and the greatest strength of Hypernode hosting. It comes with numerous security features to protect your Magento store from every possible cyber threat.

  • Magento Malware Scanner: There is a self-learning scanner of hypernode that runs daily to identify and detect malware.
  • Brute-force protection: There is a system in the hypernode that blocks brute-force attacks and similar threats.
  • Threat Identification: The backend team work continuously in searching threats and resolve them even before the users realize they exist.
  • Modern TLS Encryption: With Hypernode, you get built-in TLS (SSL) encryption as standard.
  • Automatic backups: Multiple backups of hypernode are created automatically on a daily basis.
  • Auto-healing service: With the automatic recovery service, there are almost negligible chances of data loss and downtime.
3. Developer Features:

Seems anomalous but it is the developer who is going to sail your store on hosting that’s why developer features are equally important. Hypernode gives unlimited control over its infrastructure to the developers so that can code like a boss. Its automation capabilities ensures that things run smoothly and its support team ensures that in case of any trouble, you’ll have top-notch support at your fingertips. Here are the major developer features:

  • Remote Debugging: No impact on performance while debugging at hypernode
  • V-host manager: Nginx setup for hosting WordPress on a subdomain and Magento on the main domain with auto HTTPS and www-domain redirection.
  • Live Fpm: Use ‘live fpm’ to watch PHP requests in real-time, including processing time, for GETs and POSTs, which is a useful tool for debugging problems.
  • Auto-healing: If the monitor finds any issue with the server, a process starts automatically to heal the webshop.
  • PWA Compatibility: The developers can configure the NGINX settings and run a PWA on Hypernode
  • Smart Request Handling: Every request that passes through NGINX gets scanned. These requests get terminated if not actively loading (and safe to terminate).
  • Maximum Automation: The manual work has been automated like image optimization, running security scans, and NGINX configuration validation.
4. Focus on Online Stores:

The hypernode hosting has been specially curated with a focus on online stores, particularly for Magento, Shopware, and WooCommerce. In Magento, the company has more than 10+ years of hosting and is designed to make your Magento store fast and secure. It offers numerous benefits for your store such as:

  • Faster Speed: Hypernode offer lightning speed to the Magento stores so that the customer doesn’t feel any sort of lag and complete the purchasing cycle without any interruption.
  • Yes to uptime: The automation present in Hypernode keeps your online store running with no downtime so that the customers can shop at any time.
  • No to Cybercrime: Hypernode is not just limited to speed but give equal priority to security. It has outstanding protection features that we mentioned above for high security.
  • 24 x 7 support: The actual DevOps is available to help you in support whenever you get stuck into anything.
  • Scale in seconds: Hypernode offers quick scalability to up or downgrade your hosting plan whenever you expect a few or more visitors.
5. Magento Focused Tools:

There are plenty of tools available in Hypernode hosting which are specially curated for Magento 2. That’s why we suggest our clients to opt for Hypernode hosting as it has all the tools for improving performance, security, and development ease for a Magento store. Here are a few of the important tools:

  • MageReport: This is a security scanning tool which helps in finding vulnerabilities and gives you detailed reports. In these reports, you will get multiple recommendations for improving site security.
  • Performance Insights: As the name indicates you get a detailed overview of your Magento store performance like page load times, server response times, and other metrics. It will not just give numeric figures but also recommendations of how to improve them.
  • Magedeploy2: This is the Hypernode deploy tool which eases the deployment process for Magento 2 users. With this tool, the deployment process gets streamlined and requires less manual intervention. Also, if you encounter any issues, then it allows easy rollback to previous versions.
  • Varnish: The Hypernode-managed Varnish optimizes caching for Magento users and improves page-loading time by serving cached pages.
  • Elasticsearch: Elasticsearch is a prominent search engine and it improves the search functionality of your Magento store. It provides quick and relevant search results and can handle large catalogues and high search volumes effectively.
6. Pricing:

Hypernode offers a lot of plans among which you can easily find which suits your requirements most. It has both dedicated hosting and cloud hosting, whose rates starts from $589 per month and $119 per month respectively. It’s a reasonable pricing model in which you just pay for the resources you’ve used. Many Magento 2 hosting providers overcharge regardless of whether your server is operational or not. Avoid them at any cost!

Wrapping Up:

A reliable hosting provider is the core of a successful online journey on the Magento 2 platform. Hypernode is a Magento-focused hosting solution that makes the online journey easy and reasonably priced. At Ceymox Technologies, the best Magento development company in India, we have vast experience in developing Magento stores from scratch. With deep research and client feedback, Hypernode is the best hosting solution available in the market for Magento stores. We can build secure, reliable, and fast Magento stores with advanced features and functionalities from scratch. Let us know your requirements.

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