Best Themes for Developing a Children Toy Store on Magento

Best Themes for Developing Children Toy Store on Magento

Selling toys and goods for kids is not a simple task. The European toys and games market was valued at €44.77 million in 2022, as per Statista. Up until 2026, the market is projected to increase by 4.46% per year.

In this article, we’ve outlined 10 strategies for increasing toy sales online.

1. Adopt a childlike mindset.

Make a list of the factors that are crucial for your toy business before you start selling toys online. Even if the parents or other adults have the funds and will ultimately decide whether a child places an order, your product should still be interesting to kids. It must be engaging and appropriate for kids’ minds and curiosities. For your e-commerce store, use a variety of colors, photos that show the products well, and clear, concise descriptions. To put it another way, think like a toddler.

2. Establish a thorough product page.

Consider for a moment that you are about to purchase something for your kids. You need to learn as much as you can about this specific toy before making the purchase. For instance, you need to be aware of the appropriate age range for the toy or game. What materials were used to make the product, and does it come with a guarantee? These are only a few instances of crucial data.

Employ product videos.

Since there have been many changes in content marketing, video content is now more crucial than ever. On your e-commerce website, use product videos to present new board games, toys, toy companies, etc. Having effective product videos might be essential to generating sales.

Product close-up videos enlarge your product and highlight particular characteristics that consumers might miss in the photographs, or they can show how a function works while being closely scrutinized. Or they might just demonstrate your stuff from various perspectives.

3. Invest in the second-hand market.

Children grow quickly, and they may not have enough time to play with all of their toys before something else takes their place. Customers are also more aware of and interested in the products they purchase, and there is more discussion about sustainability and the environment than ever before.

Providing a second-hand service for the sale of pre-owned goods is a great way to satisfy client requests. For instance, make it simple for parents to mail in their children’s old or unused toys and games.

This benefits the environment as well as the wallets of the customers.

4. Provide simple and hassle-free delivery and returns.

It’s crucial to have a simple system in place for package delivery and return. If it is too complicated, there is a good chance that no purchase will ever be made.

Deliveries to homes are more common than ever, says Postnord. Instead of picking up their packages at a postal agent, more and more consumers choose to have them delivered right to their homes. saves time and vastly simplifies daily living, making it ideal for parents.

During the epidemic, click-and-collect and store pickup have increased significantly. This is the ideal choice for businesses that run both physical and online toy stores. Online ordering makes it simple for customers to place orders that can be fulfilled by having them delivered to a nearby store for pickup.

5. Always consider mobile first.

We are all dependent on our phones today. It is like an expanded bodily portion, nearly. By 2025, the percentage of toy buyers who use their smartphones or tablets to make a purchase is expected to rise from the current 47.9%, according to Statista. One thing is for certain, then: your e-commerce website needs to be mobile-friendly and optimized for use on smartphones and tablets.

The most popular platform to begin a search on is mobile, which is frequently where the consumer journey starts.

To quote Simicart:

  • 48% of purchasers begin their search on a mobile device using a search engine.
  • Mobile devices are used for 58% of Google searches. It was 34% in 2016.
  • A mobile device accounts for 65% of clicks on sponsored Google search results.

6. Recommendations for Personalized Products.

Product recommendations cross-sell and up-sell more by making it more likely that online shoppers will finish their purchases. Using AI and machine learning to increase the average size of a customer’s basket and make sure that relevant products are suggested will increase conversion rates and sales.

Information on Voyado Recommended products.

Voyado Elevate Recommendations make it more likely that customers will finish their purchases and give you chances to cross-sell and up-sell.

Real-time recommendations make product suggestions based on the interests of all of your website’s users as well as ones that are tailored to each individual visitor.

These suggestions are based on the most recent products looked at, added to baskets, and bought.

7. Increase sales by using reviews.

Voyado Elevate Recommendations make it more likely that customers will finish their purchases and give you chances to cross-sell and up-sell. considering user reviews, product ratings, and user experiences. Parents have faith in one another.

Do you realize that…

  • Online reviews are trusted more than personal recommendations by 88% of consumers.
  • Pre-purchase reviews are only disregarded by 12% of shoppers.
  • Before making a purchase, 85% of shoppers claim to have read up to 10 reviews.
  • A 4-5% improvement in conversion rate is possible when there are 50 or more reviews for each product.

You will receive more truthful feedback from your clients if you ask for it and then publish it after receiving it. positive and negative. When you receive criticism, you can use it to improve. You have two options: no feedback and fewer sales, or use the input to improve and increase sales.

8. Make use of influencers and social media.

Social media and e-commerce work incredibly well together. Social media is used by 60% of consumers to research new goods and services.

Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok are just a few examples of popular social networking sites that already support in-app social commerce.

Customers can view a product in the app, tap the “buy now” button, and finish the transaction there, inside the app.

Influencer marketing can increase conversions.

People enjoy following accounts on social media that are useful to them. People typically share similar interests and lead similar lifestyles. Owners of dogs follow other owners of dogs, while owners of cars follow other owners of cars. Parents imitate their peers.

A powerful technique for those looking to boost conversion is influencer marketing. Utilize exclusive links for every influencer and coupon codes for time-limited deals. The number of sales made possible by that influencer can then be simply calculated in this way.

9. Simplify by providing one-click purchasing.

Make purchasing as simple as you can for your customers. One-click transactions are something that has grown in popularity recently. One-click purchasing is a way for people to buy things online without having to enter their payment information again.

The Swedish company Klarna, which helps e-commerce websites with shopping and payments, is a good example of this type of payment method.

10. Enhance your online store's navigation.

Similar to driving somewhere with unclear directions, navigating an e-commerce site might be confusing. Because the path is too complicated to follow, you could become lost while driving.

One of the key elements in making an e-commerce site successful is navigation. Potential clients leave the business rapidly if the technology or design doesn’t function properly. The main page, which is like the shop window, should inspire, make customers feel safe and confident, and make them want to buy something.

Voyado Site Navigation:

Voyado’s Elevate Navigation feature helps customers find the goods that interest them by grouping them into broad categories and then drilling down to more specific ones using a variety of filters.

Users can focus their search on products that best meet their needs with the use of faceted navigation. They can look into different options and even switch categories without changing the enhancements they have already chosen.

Real-time optimization is done to the product listings and category rankings. The default sort order is relevance, which is meant to make it more likely that a client will buy a product. Every time a search is performed, the relevancy of that particular request is updated.

Collection of Top Kids and Toys Magento 2 Themes

To help you get your online store up and running, we’ve rounded together some of the best Magento 2 themes for selling children’s products. The websites you create with these top-notch Magento 2 themes for the kids’ and toys industries will seem just like high-end digital shops.

Magento 2 themes for Children and Toys

Toyzone is a Magento 2 theme made specifically for children’s online shops selling clothing, accessories, toys, and more. excellent color combinations and a highly professional appearance. The theme was hand-coded to meet all of the latest requirements for Magento 2, which will boost your site’s SEO and bring in more visitors from search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

2. Fiora - Children's Responsive Magento Theme

The Magento theme Fiora Kid Store comes with two different front-page designs. This makes it great for selling a wide range of baby and children’s products. You should consider Fiora Kid Store since it has vibrant hues like pink, red, and blue.

Kids Market is a Magento theme with a responsive layout that makes it easy to use for toy, kids’, flower, tool, and multi-purpose shops. The color scheme used in the Kids Market Magento responsive theme is quite appealing to the eye. Every subpage has been personalized. With its neat and polished appearance, it is quite attractive.

Also check out: Classy Kid’s Clothes & Gadgets for Magento 2 Stores: Premium Optical & Lenses Themes Baby toy stores, kids’ toy shops, kids’ toy megastores, etc. are all intended uses for the Magento 2.3 theme. This Magento theme has the best features in its class, a large number of layouts, and a library of extensions.

The Kids Club Magento Responsive Theme is a one-of-a-kind theme created for selling anything related to children, including toys, clothing, vacations, flowers, and more. We think you’ll agree that the color scheme used in the Kids Club Magento responsive theme works really well. Every subpage has been personalized. With its neat and polished appearance, it is quite attractive.

6. Kinder Magento Theme

Keeping up with the latest online trend by using flat design in a simple, elegant, and clean way. This design would be a great way to show off your products and make it easier for customers to shop.

This Magento theme was built specifically for toy, floral, and children’s online stores. The Kids Store Magento theme is intended for all types of stores, including those selling toys and goods for children, with a few extensions and customizations.

Lilac is a flexible, responsive, and fully customizable Magento theme that can be used for any type of store and on any device. Since the theme is completely responsive, it will look fantastic on a wide range of screens.

You’re probably used to seeing stores with square corners, but this flexible Kid Fashion Magento theme beats them all. It is designed using hand-drawn design components such as borders, company logos, buttons, and fonts to provide a sense of ease and informality.

10. MoonToy - A Magento Theme for Toy Stores

Moontoy is a modern Magento 2 theme made just for toy and game stores. It makes it easy to open a store on the Internet. With this Toy Store Template, managing and customizing your theme couldn’t be easier, as we’ve included all the tools you’d need.

Wrapping Up:

Why are you waiting when this list of themes is the best? Make the finest shopping experience possible by selecting the ideal Kids & Toys Magento 2 Themes. At Ceymox Technologies, the best Magento development company in India, we are having vast experience in developing toy stores from scratch with custom and in-built themes. Let us know your requirements.

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