What is Mage-OS? A Quick Read!

What is Mage-OS A Quick Read!

When an open-source software is acquired by a private company, it is always taken with a grain of salt. Neither the developer communities nor the users appreciate it.

The developer communities play a very important role in the development of an open-source and they feel betrayed when a private organization takes over it. After the acquisition, the organization release the private version of that software or tool, and this creates a conflict of interest with the open-source version. Thus, either intentionally or not, the OS software is always prone to the mess by such acquisitions, alienating the community and taking away the user base.

When Oracle bought MySQL, it sparked outrage. The MySQL community created the fork MariaDB. Both products started out the same, but they went in distinct directions since the teams in charge of them were different.

The scenario with Magento is also similar. Adobe has bought Magento, and the e-commerce development community is quite uncertain regarding the Magento future under Adobe. That’s why many responsible members are joining hands to find the solution. In this article, we will go through the different aspects of the Magento OS.

Magento OS Introduction:

Magento OS is an open initiative for the success, longevity, and accessibility of the Magento platform and ecosystem. The Mage-OS distribution is a lightweight and compatible version of the Magento Open Source package.

It includes the features and changes created by the developer community. The team intends to keep the Mage-OS as compatible as possible with all existing Magento 2 extensions and integrations. Some packages will have updates, while others will be completely new. Mage-OS is based in Poland, but it has a global presence.

Who developed Mage-OS?

The Magento community developers formed a non-profit association known as Magento OS Association. This association represents the interests of the community in synergy including merchants, developers, agencies, and other people supporting that community.

Why Mage-OS was created?

On 14th September 2021 an open letter was shared about the future of Magento. This letter was signed by 1,641 people who use, develop, or are dependent on Magento for their daily life. This letter prompted discussions and actions across the community. The MageOS association brought the ideas of that letter into existence:

  • Adobe Commerce is now offering composable microservices. These cloud-hosted services are only appropriate for major retailers. Igor Miniailo and Nishant Kapoor discussed this briefly in their Extending Magento Commerce with Adobe I/O session. This essentially requires breaking down the PHP Monolith.
  • The users who believe the monolith is a viable method are concerned about Magento’s future.
  • In comparison to the quantity of information and marketing around Adobe Commerce, there is no clear direction on the Open Source product.
  • A developing schism between Adobe and the community as a result of discontent with the Open Source contribution model, a lack of communication, and a lack of a clear roadmap
  • Adobe’s leadership shifted, and key employees in strategic roles left. There was no substitute for these data, and there was no financial basis for additional investment in Open Source.

How is Mage-OS helpful?

The Mage-OS can solve all these issues:

  • When the monolith platform is eventually deprecated, all firms that want to stay on it will be able to do so using the Mage-OS.
  • It will be a collaborative endeavor, ideally with the Magento Association and (through them) with Adobe.
  • Keep Magento alive and give it a bright future by focusing on merchants of all sizes.
  • All existing Magento 2 extensions and connectors are supported.
  • Developers will have greater access.
  • Composed of a lightweight package selection by default.

Does Ceymox Technologies Support Mage-OS?

Ceymox Technologies supports the Mage-OS Association and its initiative. Our developers are already following the development closely. Once a reliable and stable version gets released, we will start offering the services for the same as well.

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