Why do Magento Certifications matter in finding the E-commerce Development Agency for Online Store?

Why do Magento Certifications matter in finding the E-commerce Development Agency for Online Store

So you have decided to go online using the Adobe Commerce platform or now your Magento store requires fixes, optimization, and upgrade. How do you know which Magento development agency is right for you?

Definitely an agency with Certified Magento Developers! Top-notch Magento development companies like us always hire Magento-certified developers or train them to get Magento certifications. These certifications are authentic proof of the skills, and expertise these developers possess.

For the last 5 years, Ceymox Technologies has been the final destination for merchants who want to take their business online and hire Magento-certified or Adobe-certified developers who are trustable, reliable and always deliver neat, clean code, and tech expertise that the clients look out for.

But which certification is right for your developer?

In this article, we have mentioned the complete Magento certification list and an explanation of what you can expect from your selected Magento-certified developer. But first, let’s understand the basics…

What is Magento 2 Certification?

In our previous articles, we have always mentioned looking out for Magento certifications while looking out for a Magento development agency. But what are these certifications?

Adobe offers a practical test of Magento 2 certification that Magento 2 specialists can qualify at different levels and can showcase their expertise using digital badges.

It has been years since Magento 1 came to end and now IT professionals with skills in Magento 2 are royalty and core players for companies that run on Magento 2. Magento 2 is way ahead of Magento 1, so one has to do extensive practice and possesses an impressive level of coding knowledge to pass the Magento 2 certification exam.

After the acquisition by Adobe in 2018, the rules of Magento certifications have slightly changed as well. From August 17, 2020, the Magento Cloud certifications become Adobe Cloud certifications and require renewal every 2 years.

It may sound dragging, but this update keeps the Magento developers inquisitive and motivates them to learn, and gain more experience, and they even get more hourly rates. There are 60 practical tricky questions which require extensive knowledge and practice in coding.

The Magento Certification is not free of cost. The cost of the exam depends on the badge you want, and it can lie between $195-395. For the renewal of a certificate, there is a fee of $150 (globally) and $80 (India).

A Guide to Magento Certifications (Now Adobe Certifications)

There are 8 different types of Magento certifications which are now popularized as Adobe Certifications in levels of Expert, Professionals, and Master. Here is the complete list of Magento 2 certifications:

Magento to Adobe Commerce Certifications Table

We will go through the details of each certification type, its badges, the skills required, and the cost of the certificate.

1. Magento 2 Solution Specialist or Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner (ADO-E700 Adobe Certified Expert)

The Solution Specialist or Business Practitioner is an expert Magento 2 platform user who can align the business objectives of your business with the Magento 2 platform efficiently. They are having complete knowledge of the Magento architecture and optimize the native features like B2B modules, and loyalty programs, as per your business needs.

For online merchants, an Adobe Solution Specialist can help in multiple ways. The person can manage the project development team, gather the requirements of websites and features from stakeholders, and brainstorm ways to improve performance or KPIs.

This certification is for project managers, salespeople, and technical architects. One should have a good understanding of cloud, networking, and server infrastructure to clear this exam. The examinees should also possess knowledge of Magento 2 open source, Adobe Commerce, functionalities, system architecture, and other aspects of Magento 2. The cost for this certificate is $295.

2. Magento 2 Associate Developer or Adobe Commerce Developer (ADO-E702 Adobe Certified Professional)

This certificate can take a Magento developer career to its zenith. This exam validates skills like UI changes, database changes, customizations, admin modifications, or functionality changes. It is the most demanding badge in any Magento development company like ours in which the junior developers are certified and can provide support on a wide range of issues and maintenance tasks.

It is the first certificate that a Magento developer can get with less than 2 years of experience. A developer having this certificate shows hands-on knowledge & experience in PHP, MySQL, Apache, Nginx, and Linux. It will cost you $195.

3. Magento Commerce Frontend Developer (ADO-E703 Adobe Certified Expert)

Just like the above-mentioned Adobe backend certification test, this exam is aligned for the skills test of UI modifications, changes in the database, and configuring the admin panel. However, this test requires experience of fewer than two years but more than 1.5 years.

The developer will also have skills in the checkout process, order management integrations, functionality, catalogue, and other important aspects of the Magento store. If you want to showcase yourself as a highly-skilled backend developer, then you must give this test. It is one of the most difficult Magento certification tests. The cost for giving this test is $295.

4. Magento 2 Professional Developer Plus (AD0-E704 Adobe Certified Master Magento Commerce Architect)

If you are looking for Magento Architects then this certificate will showcase the required skills. It is also suitable for developers having at least 2 years of experience in customizing the Magento platform or who act as leaders in Magento projects.

An individual having this certificate will be capable of making decisions related to the technical aspects of a project and working with customers to build project requirements.

The architecture of the Magento is so complex that a solid foundation architecture is always required. Thus, there is always a need for Magento Commerce Architecture for a successful business. The cost of this certificate is $395.

5. Magento 2 Front-End Developer (ADO-E701 Adobe Certified Expert )

It is required to have at least 1.5 years of experience in Magento 2 to take this exam. This test is focused on front-end developers who are having skills in creating and customizing the themes and includes primarily scenario-based questions.

Magento frontend developers are responsible for the UI & UX of your website by which the users interact and understand your website. Thus, it is essential to hire an ADO-E701 Adobe Certified Magento 2 frontend developer to build a solid connection with your customers. The cost for this certificate is $295.

6. Magento 2 JavaScript Developer (ADO-E705 Adobe Certified Expert)

As the name indicates, this certificate tests the skills of a developer in the field of JavaScript module creation. To clear this test, one should have an experience of at least a year in JavaScript.

If you hire a Magento developer with this certificate, he would be able to create a dynamic look in the store with smooth and transparent visual elements for a captivating UI.

7. Magento 2 Cloud Developer (ADO-E706 Adobe Certified Expert)

To be eligible for this certification, Magento 2 developers/architects must have completed at least two Cloud implementations in the last 6 to 12 months. This Magento 2 certification verifies the engineer’s understanding of how to deploy, test, troubleshoot, and operate in the Magento Cloud environment.

These Magento-certified professionals will improve your project’s efficiency and effectiveness by using Adobe Commerce Cloud platform capabilities. Magento experts differ from people who have the Magento Commerce Architect badge since they work in a closed cloud environment.

How to verify the certification claim of a Magento 2 developer?

A Magento development company like Ceymox Technologies feels pride in bolstering the Magento certificates on its website. Thus, always look for the badges on the official website of the company either on its homepage or on the Magento services page.

Along with this, you can find the Magento partners on the official page of Adobe Partners.

Business owners recruiting developers might need to either request direct access to their badge at youracclaim.com or verify their candidates’ skills during an interview in order to verify specific certifications.

How to prepare for the Magento certification exams?

Honestly speaking, there is no specific course or formulae for the developer to undergo for the Magento certification exam but it is the real-life experience that prepares a developer to pass it efficiently. For this, these steps are recommended:

  • Take a proper revision of the theory
  • Work on as many highly complex Magento projects
  • Start creating themes and Magento 2 modules on your own

There are many courses on the Adobe Digital Learning Platform for every type of Magento 2 Certification. There is also documentation of Magento 2.4.x to help with the preparation.

Wrapping Up:

Magento 2 certification is the utmost credibility that you can find in a developer boasting his/her skills in Magento or Adobe Commerce. Considering the number of companies and brands running stores on Magento 2, there will always be a need for these certifications. At Ceymox Technologies, the best Magento development company in India, we are having a huge team of Magento-certified developers who can develop exciting Magento stores from scratch. Let us know your requirements.

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