Best Live Chat Extensions for Your Magento Store in 2023

Best Live Chat Extensions for Your Magento Store in 2023

The live chat feature has become essential on any e-commerce website that wants to provide an exceptional customer experience and improve sales. As per a statistical report, nearly 79% of online buyers prefer live chat to get immediate responses to their queries. Thus, it is essential to incorporate a live chat extension in your Magento store to handle customer queries quickly, provide real-time assistance, and smooth customer journeys.

In this article, we will go through the best live chat extensions for your Magento store in 2023 and also understand the criteria to follow while selecting a live chat extension for your Magento store. So let’s begin to understand how a live chat extension can be highly valuable for your online business and take your customer support to new heights.

Why your Magento store requires live chat functionality?

In today’s time, customer doesn’t prefer to dial any number for the answers to their queries but instead prefers quick resolution through chats. Thus, live chat has become an essential feature for e-commerce websites. The other major reasons for the live chat functionality are:

• Improve Customer Satisfaction:

The Customers can get assistance at your Magento site during any hour of the day through the live chat feature. Just a single will let customers interact with your customer support representative who is ready to address your queries. It will ultimately lead to better customer loyalty.

• Convert traffic into customers:

Through the live chat feature, the customer representatives get an opportunity to engage with incoming traffic and offer information about required products, recommend products, and clear any issues of delivery, returns, etc.

• Reduce cart abandonment rate:

Customer leaving products in the cart is a common challenge in the e-commerce industry, but the live chat feature can help resolve this issue. The sales representative can remind the visitors whenever they land on your site again, and can also resolve any arising query regarding payment or address.

• Keep your competitors behind:

You can gain a competitive edge in your industry by offering live chat support in your Magento store. It will reflect your vision of being customer-centric and your commitment to providing excellent customer service.

• Get feedback and generate insights:

You can get valuable customer insights with the live chat feature. The chat logs can be analyzed using AI to understand the preferences of customers. This data can be used to manage inventory, products, marketing strategies, and improvements in the website.

How to choose the suitable Magento Live Chat Extension for your Magento store?

There are 8 important criteria to consider while choosing the best Magento live chat module. If you want to implement a live chat functionality in your store, keep in mind all these factors:

  1. Integration: The most important factor is the chosen module should be capable of seamless integration with Magento and has compatibility with multiple Magento versions.
  2. Features & functionality: After integration, check the features & functionalities of the live chat extension and its mobile responsiveness.
  3. Usability: The module should be easy to implement, configure, and manage.
  4. Customization: The module should be easy to customize to match your theme, design, and overall branding.
  5. Customer support: The chosen company module should have good customer support and reliability along with proper technical tutorials, documentation, and community forums.
  6. Pricing: You should evaluate the overall charges, the limit of users, annual charges, etc.
  7. Security and data privacy: The live chat extension should comply with the industry standards for security and data privacy including SSL, GDPR compliance, and others.
  8.  Reviews and Ratings: Last but not least, the reviews and ratings of a module can give you insights into its track record. You can check the authentic reviews from reputed sources like Trustpilot.

Best Live Chat Extensions for Magento Store in 2023:

Let’s go through the list of our preferred live chat extensions that we recommend to our clients as well:

  1. Tidio
  2. Gorgias
  3. LiveAgent
  4. LiveChat
  5. Zoho Desk
  6. Freshdesk
  7. Intercom
  8. HubSpot Service Hub
  9. Zendesk Support Suite

We will go through each of these Live Chat extensions in more detail.

Our most preferred Live Chat extension for our clients is Tidio. This chat module is highly comprehensive and provides a plethora of features for a better user experience. The Tidio platform offers a real-time chat widget to assist users quickly.

The chat box is very user-friendly which allows visitors to ask queries, seek support, and have conversations with the support team. The installation process is also quite simple and doesn’t require extensive coding skills.

Major Feature:

  • Increase sales by identifying and engaging with visitors
  • In-built AI to automate chats and monitor performance
  • Customizable design to match the brand & theme
  • Track visitor sources to learn more about the origins of website traffic
  • Reliable support to address inquiries


  • Free version available
  • Communication edition: $15.83 per month
  • Chatbots edition: $15.83 per month
  • Tidio+: $329 per month

Gorgias help desk platform offers multiple solutions and Gorgias Chat is their flagship product. The USP of Gorgias Chat is its unique chat campaign functionality by which you can display the live chat on particular pages.

E.g. you can showcase the chat feature on product pages. Thus the potential customers can get their queries resolved regarding the available colours, specifications, returns policy, shipping options, etc. This feature will be highly valuable on the checkout page where the customers have concerns about payment.

Major features:

  • Fast replies to repetitive questions
  • Display chat feature on particular pages
  • Easily customizable in terms of intro, avatar, colour, and title
  • Customize as per your store branding and mobile visibility options.


  • Free version: 7-day trial
  • Starter version: $10/3users per month
  • Basic edition: $60/500 users per month
  • Pro edition: $360/500 users per month
  • Advanced: $900/month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

LiveAgent offer multiple customer support products and their flagship product is the live chat extension. Using LiveAgent’s Live Chat, you can easily manage multiple chats simultaneously.

The best thing about LiveAgent is that you don’t have a penny extra beyond the ticketing system. Thus it is a very affordable solution for business who wants to give live chat support to their customers.

Major features:

  • Missed chats are converted into tickets for future follow-ups
  • Personalized chat invitations to invite visitors to chat
  • Use user parameters to give access to data, features, objects, etc.
  • Customization options including text, logos, and branding
  • Mobile-friendly


  • Free version: 7-day free trial
  • Small business plan: $9 per user per month
  • Medium business plan: $29 per user per month
  • Enterprise edition: $69 per user per month

After the top 3 live chat solutions, LiveChat is the 4th best chat solution for your Magento store. It is packed with a lot of features and functionalities and allows users to customize the live chat experience to meet their specific expectations. There are more than 200 integration options available for users to establish a robust support and sales bundle ecosystem. You can also integrate LiveChat with social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram with no compatibility issues.

It also provides many engagement options like targeted messages, captivating chat buttons, and routing rules.

Major features:

  • Users can create and manage canned responses
  • Easily share personalised products
  • Automate sales processes with a chatbot
  • Set up routing rules to direct queries to a suitable team
  • Analytic tools to track important business metrics


  • Free edition: 14-day free trial
  • Starter edition: $20 per user per month
  • Team edition: $41 per user/month
  • Business edition: $59 per user/month
  • Enterprise edition: Custom pricing

Zoho Desk offers a seamless omnichannel support feature that lets you deliver a consistent service on different touchpoints. It will improve the productivity of your customer support team as they can handle multiple customer queries from various platforms in a unified interface.

Along with these, you can also customize Zoho Desk to match your business requirements and leverage powerful AI capabilities to automate manual tasks and streamline workflows.

Major features:

  • Missed chats are converted into tickets for future follow-ups
  • Set routing rules for each channel
  • Advanced reporting and analytic tools
  • Collect customer feedback and ratings in the chat window
  • Users can customize the chat experience


  • Free version available
  • Express edition: $7 per user/month
  • Standard edition: $14 per user/month
  • Professional edition: $23 per user/month
  • Enterprise edition: $40 per user/month

Offered by Freshworks, Freshdesk is another best live chat extensions for your Magento store. Freshdesk translates the requests from different channels like e-mail, web, phone, chat, and social media into tickets and provides better resolution.

Furthermore, Freshdesk incorporates cutting-edge solutions to improve customer support operations, such as an AI-powered chatbot, predictive help capabilities, and field service management. These out-of-the-box capabilities allow you to stay ahead in providing excellent customer service.

Major Features:

  • Quick responses to repetitive questions
  • Set responses or deadlines based on business hours
  • Automate ticket categorization, prioritization, and routing
  • Track and manage tickets from multiple channels into a single inbox


  • Free edition available
  • Growth edition: $15 per user/month
  • Pro edition: $39 per user/month
  • Enterprise edition: $69 per user/month

Intercom gives you a highly user-friendly interface that improves the customer experience through a streamlined combination of human support with automation. It not only reduces costs but also delivers high customer satisfaction.

Like the other Magento live chat extensions, it also employs artificial intelligence, bots, and rules to handle repetitive queries and tasks. Thus, you can better utilize your resources in more important tasks.

Although you can’t directly integrate Intercom with Magento, you can use 3rd party integration like Zapier for integration.

Major Features:

  • Increase conversion rate with sales enablement tools
  • Better lead qualification
  • Multiple devices support
  • Personalization options include chat colours, text, logos, and branding


  • Custom pricing with a 14-day free trial

HubSpot Service Hub centralises all client data and channels, allowing organisations to streamline support procedures through automation and self-service. Furthermore, by connecting it with the HubSpot CRM platform, your team will be able to provide outstanding service while tracking its influence on the company’s bottom line.

The high versatility of HubSpot makes it one of our top choices of live chat extensions for your Magento store.

Major Features:

  • Real-time chat support
  • Make direct customer calls using HubSpot’s VoIP software
  • Efficient call management by tracking inbound calls
  • Engage customers on multiple channels
  • Personalization options of chat colours, text, logos, and branding


For individuals or small businesses:

  • Free edition available
  • Starter edition: $18 for 2 users per month
  • Professional edition: $450 for 5 users per month

For big-size businesses and enterprises:

  • Professional edition: $450 for 5 users per month
  • Enterprise edition: $1,200 for 10 users per month

Last, but not least, the last contender for our Best Live Chat Extensions for your Magento store in 2023 list is Zendesk which creates a real-time connection with the right audience. It enables users to create customized support bundles.

The intuitive chat window improves the online consumer experience, while the user-friendly backend is built for seamless agent use. While Zendesk is a popular choice for live chat, its scalability, complex features, customization possibilities, security measures, and dedicated support make it more suitable for larger organisations and companies.

Major Features:

  • Users can share pictures in chat
  • Address FAQs through highly powered AI
  • Monitor and analyze chat to know the impact of live chat on your business


  • Free edition: 14-day trial
  • Team edition: $19 for 1 user per month
  • Pro edition: $49 for 1 user per month
  • Enterprise edition: $99 for 1 user per month
  • Suite team edition: $49 for 1 user per month
  • Suite growth edition: $79 for 1 user per month
  • Suite pro edition: $99 for 1 user per month
  • Suite enterprise edition: $150 for 1 user per month

Wrapping Up:

In this article, we have gone through the best live chat extensions for your Magento store. At Ceymox Technologies, the best Magento development company in India, we are having expertise in developing Magento stores from scratch with advanced features and functionalities. Let us know your requirements.

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