How Packaging Inserts Can Increase Customer Loyalty and Revenue in E-commerce?

How Packaging Inserts Can Increase Customer Loyalty and Revenue in E-commerce

A packaging insert is an additional item that a customer gets in the package after shopping from an e-commerce store. It is a great way for e-commerce retailers to level up the shipping and fulfilling strategy. Packing or packaging inserts are totally unexpected for the customers and increases brand loyalty among the customers.

The business owner doesn’t charge extra for these packaging inserts and they are totally free. A packaging insert helps the brand to spread awareness about campaigns and promotions and provide added value. Ultimately, packing inserts are highly cost-effective and a great gesture for building customer relationships.

In today’s article, we will know the importance of packaging inserts, 5 types of packaging inserts to consider and prepare your packaging inserts for customer loyalty.

Importance of Packaging Inserts:

A shipment can meet, short or even exceed the expectations of your customers. There are many reasons, some are not even in your control, by which you can fall below the customer expectations. If everything goes well, the customer receives the order within the delivery estimates, then you may meet your customer expectations.

There are extra little things such as using the right packing inserts by which you can exceed customer expectations. Here are some points stating the importance of packaging inserts:

· Packaging inserts don’t cost high:

It initially seems that inserting a freebie in the package will lower your profit as they will cost a lot but it doesn’t require too much investment. In the long term, the freebies will be low cost but will give a great return.

· Targeted Inserts:

The recipient is already a converted customer, and you know what they have purchased. Thus, you can tailor the insert as per the item customer has bought.

· No extra cost for delivering the message:

The package is already being shipped, so you might as well make the most of it.

· Best for cross-selling:

Suppose a customer buys a pair of shoes, and you send a sachet of polish as a freebie insert. This will arise the cross-sell opportunities for your store.

· Great way to liquidate merchandise:

You can convert hard-to-move merchandise to a marketing expense and bolster your relationships with the customers.

· Right inserts increase loyalty:

Customers are likely to make repetitive purchases from a brand that appreciates them, and packaging inserts can make your customers feel special.

Packaging inserts initially seem quite simple – just put a coupon or a freebie in the box whenever you ship an order. But you should work on certain options to generate more value and build greater loyalty with the customers. Let’s go through popular types of packaging inserts that you can consider:

5 Types of Packaging Inserts:

1. Discount Offers:

Discount Offer Icon

The discount offer is a very straightforward and popular packaging insert. If you don’t want to do any effort the inserting then a discount offer coupon is the best choice. Although you can send a discount offer through e-mail as well, e-mails get ignored while including them in the box make sure that customers will receive the offer.

Another benefit of the discount offer is that customers will return to your store to make a purchase. This increases the chances of long-term customer retention. Shea Brand, a popular online beauty brand uses different types of packaging inserts to drive customer loyalty. A discount offer was one of them. You can print the discount coupon on your business card size as they are quite inexpensive. You can also try different types of offers that customers can’t easily refuse such as:

  • Free shipping on the next order
  • $10 cashback on your next order
  • 20% off on your next order
  • Free refill with your next order

2. Product Samples:

Product Sample Icon

Product samples are a great way to emphasize the value for a few reasons. Firstly, on the basis of the products you sell, you may get free samples from your suppliers as well which you can share further with your customers. Secondly, product samples give you an opportunity to boost cross-selling in your store. The customers will come to know the product lines that they didn’t know or were curious about trying.

Free product samples also increase the mouth-publicity of your brand as customers like to share about free products more than the main product itself.

3. Small Gifts:

Small Gift Icon

If you are not selling a product that can include a sample, then you can also opt for small gifts. Customers get surprised and delighted by receiving small gifts and they also don’t feel that you are trying to sell them other products. You shouldn’t use any expensive gifts. A gift with a thank you note will work best. These inexpensive gifts put the law of reciprocity work for you. It’s a powerful psychological trigger that leaves people wanting to return the favor, and can help encourage repeat business while leaving everyone feeling great about the transaction.

4. Thank you cards and personal notes:

Thank You Card Icon

If you don’t want any additional expense by a sample or a gift then you can include the simplest, least expensive, and personalized insert of a thank you card and personal note. A thank you card can build customer loyalty and shows a thoughtful gesture.

Cards are especially effective when you just have started the online business, as it gives a competitive advantage that most larger-scale companies don’t offer. Leverage this opportunity. Here are a few thank you note suggestions that you can consider:

  • If it is affordable for you, use quality stationery.
  • Make sure to use the customer’s name.
  • Express gratitude, clearly stating the reason for sending the note.
  • Allude to your future interactions with the customer

5. Product review or a “share on social” request:

Review Icon

Since the shipped package shows the end of the customer journey in your store, packaging inserts are a great medium to ask for a review of the product from customers or share it on social media. You can use the insert to let customers know that the discount offer will be sent to their email, which engages users on yet another digital platform.

Prepare your packaging inserts for customer loyalty:

Packaging inserts can provide more value by exceeding expectations and matching the right offer with your target audience. Just like any other marketing effort, try different packaging inserts and know which one works best for you.

Wrapping Up:

In this article, we have gone through the different types of packaging inserts that can help you build brand loyalty and increase the customer retention rate. At Ceymox Technologies, the best e-commerce development company in India, we are having expertise in developing e-commerce stores from scratch with custom features and functionalities. Let us know your requirements

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