Best One-Stop Checkout Extensions for your Magento 2 Store

Best One-Stop Checkout Extensions for Magento 2 Store

The online retailers leave no stone unturned to develop a highly intuitive and attractive online store. They give a lot of attention to multiple aspects of the e-commerce store such as design, UI & UX, speed, image quality, security, advanced functionalities, mobile optimization, etc. However, sometimes they forget the individual elements that also play a bigger role. Checkout is one such important of the customer journey which mostly gets unnoticed by online retailers. An e-commerce retailer can get more than 33% of increase in the conversion rate by making a simple change in the checkout process.

 We analyzed mammoth retailers’ websites like Walmart, Amazon, Wayfair, etc. As per the Baymart Institute study, the average cart abandonment rate in 2022 was 70.19%. But this rate can be eliminated by making simple changes in the checkout function of the store.

The latest releases of Magento 2, it has come up with an advanced checkout process in which there are only 2 steps instead of 6. However, the default checkout is not optimised because it lacks essential features and has irrelevant field placement. Thus, to boost the checkout process, it is important to integrate a Magento 2 One-Step Checkout Extension. But which one to integrate? Which we will discuss in this article. In this article, we will also understand why it is imperative to eliminate the default checkout process of Magento 2 and go with a Magento one-step checkout extension.

Limitations of the default checkout of Magento 2:

The default checkout of Magento 2 offers a very simplified process but still is not ideal for your Magento 2 store. There are certain restrictions that you will face while using the Magento 2 default checkout process:

Unavoidable Questions:

The first issue with Magento 2 default checkout is that it contains lots of common questions which need to answer before making an order. Although these questions are required, they waste a lot of time and sometimes make the process complicated. It leads to cart abandonment.

Unmatched design:

Although the Magento 2 new checkout is just of 2 steps, the 2nd step is hidden. This worries the buyers about how long will it take to do checkout. Also, during navigation between 2 pages, the buyers may face sudden changes and unconsciously reconsider their purchase.

Non-technical retail owners find it too complicated:

If you don’t have expertise in Magento CMS then you will find it quite difficult to change the default appearance of the Magento 2 default checkout. For this simple task, you have to hire a Magento 2 developer which increases the cost of using an extension that comes with a support package.

We at Ceymox Technologies, provide the checkout page design as per the theme and overall branding of your store.

Benefits of One-Step Checkout Magento 2 Extension:

If you are facing difficulty in converting your visitors into customers, then you are not the only one. Converting visitors into customers is more difficult than landing visitors on your site. Do you know the global average visitor-to-customer conversion rate is just 2.86% i.e. 2-3 conversions for every 100 visits to your store?

As we mentioned above, a huge chunk of these visitors left the store during checkout time. Thus, it becomes imperative to improve the checkout. Magento 2 One Step Checkout Extension will give you a plethora of benefits. Some of these benefits are:

Streamline The Checkout Process: 

By employing a One-step checkout extension, you can streamline the checkout process of your store by bringing all important checkout steps on a single page. It will let your customers quickly skim the required information and they will able to complete their purchases faster. Ultimately, it will result in more conversions and a better checkout experience.

User-friendly Checkout Experience:

In terms of user-friendliness, one-step checkout is always better than the default multi-page checkout. When all the components are on a single page, the chances of cart abandonment are also low.

Improve Page Performance:

No one likes to sit around and go through entering details on multiple pages. A long and comprehensive checkout experience will frustrate your customer which not just takes time but also impacts the speed. A single page will take less time to load and purchases will get completely faster.

Best One-Step Checkout Extensions for your Magento 2 Store:

With a diverse selection of 15+ One Step Magento 2 Checkout Extensions available, we will help you to find the perfect match for your requirements.

Mageplaza offers a Magento 2 One Step Checkout extension to reduce the cart abandonment rate and increase the conversion rate dramatically. The company understood that the majority of the cart abandonment rate is due to poor checkout experience and the default Magento 2 is time-consuming.

Core Features:

  • Provide address suggestions by Google by filling in some characters
  • Show all information on one-page checkout
  • Almost 100% of payment methods are compatible with the checkout
  • Highly compatible with different Magento 2 versions
  • Automatically send reminders through emails to customers about their abandoned carts

K Solves aim that the buyers should reach the finish line as quickly as possible. This extension doesn’t only compile the information of multiple pages into one but also optimizes the frontend checkout process by changing the layout, themes, and colours. It gives multiple advanced options to convert every visitor into a paying customer.

Core Features:

  • Simplifies the shopping process by adding features like Google Address Suggestion, 3 Column layout etc.
  • Available in three different themes –  Dark, Light, and Default.
  • Users can add their individual comments before checking out
  • Customize the fields with an intuitive drag-and-drop feature
  • Support all popular payment gateways like PayPal, Authorize.Net, BrainTree, Stripe, etc.

Aheadworks step checkout extension drives the conversion rate and decreases the cart abandonment rate by streamlining the checkout process for customers. It comes with a plethora of features such as checkout page customization, add or remove fields, as well as high-level analysis.

Core Features:

  • Adjusts to your store theme automatically
  • Customer can log in or edit cart items without leaving the checkout page
  • Use GeoIP to detect countries automatically and complete addresses based on Google suggestions
  • “Place Order” button is always visible without any distracting elements
  • Responsive to any screen size and the interface is mobile friendly

If you want to offer Magento 2 store with a user-friendly One Step Checkout to increase the customer buying journey speed and deliver better customer satisfaction, then this extension is for you. Customers may complete their purchases more quickly and easily than with the standard Magento 2 method thanks to this wonderful plugin.

Core Features:

  • Admin can choose from 3 design types each having 3 different layout types
  • Offers guest checkout
  • Allows adding CMS static block with sort order at top and bottom of the checkout page
  • Change the sort order and enable/disable address fields

With the aim of reducing cart abandonment by removing any obstacle for online shoppers, AS has designed this 1-step checkout extension. The company has designed the extension to be extremely modular and help merchants to shape the checkout in the way they want with minimal development skills and resources.

Core Features:

  • Highly compatible with all the major shipping/payment providers and with other useful extensions of features loyalty, store credits, gift cards, etc.
  • Auto-update prices and total while updating quantities, shipping, or payment method
  • Disable unnecessary fields like fax, company, telephone, region, and more
  • Offers multiple registration scenarios like auto-registration and forced registration

This checkout extension is developed to overcome the drawback of the default Magento checkout process. It merges the multiple checkout steps into one page with all information contained in it in a more user-friendly interface. It gives flexibility to the customers to choose their dates and time to receive orders, leave comments, and much more.

Core Features:

  • Customers can checkout quickly on a single page as it displays all related information such as address, payment methods, and order summary.
  • Auto-update the information when customers make any changes
  • Customers can choose the date and time of their delivery
  • Compatible with multiple payment methods
  • Provide responsive one-step checkout across all devices

As the name itself indicates, this company has been built to improve checkout conversion by addressing the key reasons for cart abandonment. This extension is built using outstanding code quality that loads fast and follows the best guidelines and modular philosophy of the Magento 2 platform. The checkout page will load faster and is shorter plus easier to fill out. 

Core Features:

  • Multiple registration scenarios including auto-registration
  • Compatible with almost every Magento 2 extension that follows Magento 2 API for shipment and payment functionality
  • Built-in delivery date feature with date picker (calendar) and instructions field
  • Comes with Composer which makes it easier to update the extension with the latest Magento updates.
  • Allows modifying quantities or removing items in the order summary

Mageworx Magento 2 One Page Checkout adds new ways of a better checkout process. It guides your buyers through a specific checkout flow on the basis of their preferred delivery method. It also makes it possible to offer users to log in or create an account without having to navigate away.

Core Features:

  • GeoIP functionality for relevant in-store pickup suggestions
  • Customize the delivery date and time display with the help of 15 options
  • Hide the delivery section if in-store pickup is selected
  • Generating a “Find a Store” page that is highly customizable
  • Enable default payment and shipping options

FireCheckout offers 5 amazing checkout page layouts which easy to customize. These layouts are highly responsive to offer a seamless checkout experience on both desktop and mobile devices. It is also constantly refined with new features to have a great impact on the checkout process. It brings positive customer experience and improves the conversion rate on your checkout page.

Core Features:

  • Address field manager to easily add extra fields for billing and shipping checkout address forms
  • Order attachments block at the payment section if customers need to add any files
  • Advanced delivery date rules to set up the precise possible date of delivery
  • Allows to add CMS block at the checkout page

Amasty One Step Checkout improves your business growth with a fast and customizable one-step checkout page. The buyers get a smooth and clear checkout flow that will enhance the customer experience. It offers a drag-and-drop layout builder to customize the checkout page in a few clicks. 

Core Features: 

  • Provide order summary automatically updating
  • Efficiently manage checkout fields with flexible fields management settings
  • Enrich checkout with Google Autocomplete
  • Upgrade checkout interface with Classic theme
  • Increase the number of customer registrations

This extension by WebKul offers the most convenient shopping experience for your customers using a single-page checkout. For a better checkout process, the WebKul extension gathers all complicated default steps to display on one page only. Thus, customers can buy the products with just a single click. It also saves the customers from facing the difficulty of going back and forward if they want to fix information from previous pages.

Core Features:

  • Works for both customers and guest users
  • Display the complete order summary of the product with information
  • No webpage reloading and shipping, payment fields are processed via Ajax loader.
  • Add multiple shipping addresses to deliver the product
  • Directly order the product without adding into the cart

Dominate Checkout Suite offers one of the easiest ways to improve the checkout process on your Magento store. Whether you use Magento open-source or Adobe Commerce, this extension is compatible with all. With this extension, you get the option of whether you want checkout on only 1 page or multiple pages.

Core Features: 

  • The layout of the checkout page is highly optimized
  • Multiple customization features which are easy to use
  • Cloud-based checkout page for faster process
  • Accept a high variety of payment methods

LandofCode one-step checkout can significantly simplify the checkout process on Magento 2 and make it only one step. It has equipped with a flat design and has powerful customer attributes management. This extension also helps in analyzing customer behaviour which can boost the sales of the store and increase customer loyalty. 

Core Features:

  • Mobile-friendly optimized checkout page design
  • Auto-detect customers’ accounts with Geo IP support
  • Powerful Customized Tools: Text, Icon, and Color
  • Amazing high-speed checkout step featured
  • Carefully tracking abandoned cart and login account

MageTop checkout extension allows users to complete the checkout process without spending time moving to a different page for payment. It has all the features of checkout. The users don’t need to refresh the page for searching quantity change or payment. Everything will be done on the same page using Ajax.

Core Features:

  • Compatible with multiple Magento themes like Porto, Ultimo, etc…
  • Fastly complete filling shipping information by address suggestion
  • Auto Ajax update shopping cart product quantity
  • Manage field positions in the shipping address section
  • Customize the top and bottom blocks to be displayed on the checkout page

The Mageworld displays all the required steps of checkout on one page so customers can check out in an easy way without wasting time redirecting one by one. The extension is easy to customize and auto-detects & fills buyer’s location.

Core Features:

  • Give the option of subscribing to receive newsletters to follow more updates from the site
  • Save the name and shipping information of registered numbers and auto-fill when they create a new order
  • Highly based on Magento 2 and 100% open source
  • Able to choose delivery date and time
  • Manage field positions on the shipping address section
16. CMSmart Magento 2 One-Step Checkout:

The CMSmart One Step Checkout extension gives multiple benefits to both online retailers and buyers. It supports various international payment methods as well as shipping methods. It supports a flexible set-up of the default values and you can even change the text font of the checkout page.

Core Features:

  • All checkout information such as billing address, shipping, and payment method will be displayed on a single page
  • Easy to edit and remove products which are added in Cart in Order review of the checkout form
  • Everything including address, shipping method, and payment methods, gets auto-update if there are any changes using AJAX.
  • Set the font of the checkout page
  • Customize colour heading, background checkout page colour, etc.

MageDelight extension streamlines the cumbersome standard six-step checkout procedure into a single page, making it simple for users and quick. Retailers can choose from a variety of colour schemes for the checkout page. Customers can attach special remarks for store administrators using a text area that can be enabled. Additionally highlighted on Magento Marketplace is FME One Page Checkout. 

Core Features:

  • Add colour codes and use attractive styles for tab headings
  • Ask sources from customers and find out your major sources of traffic
  • New customers can be registered on the checkout page
  • Fields such as billing, shipping or payment methods are processed through Ajax Loader.

Templates Master offers a simplified and quick checkout flow to your clients. It understands that the checkout fields are highly important for submitting an order. They offer 5 different types of checkout page layouts and full control over checkout fields.

Core Features:

  • Custom checkout success page allows adding a Javascript code or HTML. A preview feature
  • Validating EU VAT in checkout shipping and billing address forms by using VIES validation service.
  • Easy to customize checkout styles, custom javascript, etc.

Wrapping Up:

We at Ceymox Technologies, the best Magento development company in India, have expertise in developing Magento modules from scratch. We have certified Magento 2 developers having a vast experience of more than a decade. Let us know your requirements.

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