7 Best Snippets for your Magento Store:

7 Best Snippets for your Magento Store

In today’s time, so many people use Google searching either for questions, fun & facts, useful information, shopping and much more, thus it has become highly important for the e-commerce websites to achieve the top positions on the Google search engine result pages (SERPs).

Do you know that 35% of online product selling begins with a Google search, despite Amazon being the biggest e-commerce store marketplace across the industry?

One of the major reasons for this is Google is having Rich Snippets? In this article, we will be knowing all about the Rich Snippets and which are the best snippets for your Magento store.

Rich Snippets: Introduction

Also known as Magento 2 Structured Data Snippets, Rich Snippets are tiny pieces of the code by which you can pass structured information about the content of a page to Google or any other search engine.

Your site can get more visibility with this extra source of information. Subsequently, it will increase the visitors to your site which can turn into trusted customers. There are many Magento store owners and developers who look for appropriate information on how to use Rich Snippets in the best manner. That’s why we are presenting you this article.

Do you know if carefully implemented, then Rich Snippets can increase the Click-through rate on your site by up to 150%?

There are many different types of snippets that Google maintains such as:

  • Product
  • Categories
  • Reviews
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Events
  • Authors
  • Organization
  • Books
  • Recipes
  • FAQ
  • Etc

Importance of Rich Snippets:

The Magento Rich Snippets aren’t included in Google rankings, thus can’t directly impact position in result pages. But they can improve the traffic on your store especially if your site is already coming in the top 10 results. If you combine them with other tools then it can further increase the sales. Because the link is more attractive, more visitors will click on it. Thus, both CTR and traffic will increase. Here are some conclusions from different studies which show the importance of Magento 2 Rich Snippets:

  • Nearly one-third of online purchasing begins from a Google search
  • As mentioned above, Rich snippets, if properly implemented can increase the CTR by up to 150%
  • Products with Rich Snippets can attract 20-40% more traffic than products without them

Here are the other reasons for using Rich Snippets or Magento 2 Structured Data:

  • Faster indexation of the Magento store
  • Gain better visibility in the organic search
  • Position in top SERPs
  • Increased Click-through Rate
  • Lower bounce rate

Which Rich Snippets you must use?

Currently, you can find more than 100 Rich Snippets or Schemas, however, only a few of them are highly useful for an e-commerce store. Let’s know deep into structured data Magento 2 and know how to implement rich snippets in Magento.

You can split the Magento 2 schema markup into two groups:

  • Rich Snippets for E-commerce (Particular): Product Schema, Pricing Schema, Availability Schema, Rating, Reviews;
  • Common Rich Snippets: WebPage, Breadcrumbs, Organization, Searchbox

We will be focusing on type 1 in this article.

1. Product Schema:

The purpose of the product schema is to inform the search engine that the current page information is product related. In simple words, it is a product page. Many product-related snippets find this as an entry point mentioning product properties like Name, Brand, Image, SKU.

Magento 2 comes with a very simplified markup by default for Product Rich Snippet.

2. Schema markup for reviews and rating:

Google gets info. of the reviews and ratings of a product through the Rating and Reviews Rich snippets. Using rich snippets for adding ratings and reviews will significantly motivate your customers to make purchases on your store.

It also highlights your product on the Google SERPs, thus making it the most attractive rich Snippet in SERP.

Do you know that 72% of the customers make a purchase only after reading at least one review?

Rating And Reviews Snippet

Magento 2.3.5 and above versions support the snippet of aggregated rating but don’t come with review markup. Remember, rich snippets should be implemented correctly else it can negatively affect other search results.

3. Schema Pricing for offer:

You can display the rate of your product on the Google SERPs using the Offer Schema. Furthermore, you can also display any special price such as a discounted price (with start and end dates). See this image:

Pricing & Availability Snippet

In Magento latest versions, these snippets are also implemented partially as some highly important attributes are missing like itemcondition, acceptedpaymentmethods, availability, specialprice, etc.

4. Availability Schema for offer:

This schema will check the status of the stock of the current product and will display its availability in the Google SERPs. Magento neither implements nor supports this schema. However, you can find many SEO schemas which can implement this rich snippet.

5. Organization Schema Markup:

Google can structure the information about your business or company in a better manner using the Organization Schema markup and properly display it while searching. It can include information such as name, logo, address, working hours, social media links, phones, and other information.

6. Rich Snippet Markup Breadcrumbs:

The search engine can determine the position of your products in the catalogue using the BreadcrumbList Schema. It will make the conclusion of your products in SERP in a better manner. With this Magento Rich Snippets Breadcrumbs schema, Google will display a readable category path (category names) instead of a direct URL to the product.

Breadcrumbs Rich Snippet

7. Rich Snippet FAQ:

In most of the scenarios, the product pages already answer questions such as price, payments, shipping, refunds, etc. But using FAQ Rich Snippet for your existing content can increase the engagement of your existing customers.


How to add Rich Snippets in your Magento store?

You can hire a Magento development company that can implement such functionalities in your existing Magento store. Thus, you can only focus on your business decisions instead of the technicalities. At Ceymox Technologies, we have expertise in implementing new features & functionalities in your existing store or can develop a new Magento store from scratch. Let us know your requirements

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