How to hire a Magento development company for your Magento store Maintenance?

How to hire a Magento development company for your Magento store Maintenance

Magento, a highly popular e-commerce development, is being used across the world by online merchants. It is so popular that now it powers 1% of the sites across the internet with a huge share of 1.4% in the content management system market. Its extraordinary features for both online merchants and customers are being loved by everyone. Of the top 100,000 e-commerce stores, nearly one-third of these stores are built on Magento. Using this e-commerce development platform, you will get the utmost level of flexibility and stability in your store with user interacting features on the website.

However, developing a Magento store will not guarantee success in your online business because it doesn’t matter which technology you are using, it will always require regular overhauling, maintenance, and updates. In short, you will require Magento maintenance support for your store. Even a small bug on your e-commerce store can impact its overall functionality and impact your brand reputation. It can result in revenue losses and security risks. A bug-free, optimized website also improves the user experience. In this article, you will know almost everything related to Magento maintenance and support services.

What is Magento Website Maintenance?

Magento store maintenance is a big & broad term that covers several things such as site optimization, Magento versions update, installing security patches, new themes and plugin integration, etc. It also includes fixing any issue or bug, handling website crashes and minimizing the downtime of the Magento website. Here are the essential which will be managed in the Magento website maintenance services:

  • Magento e-commerce should be upgraded to the latest version. For e.g. currently the latest version is Magento 2.4.2 so your Magento must be running on this version. Magento launches a newer version almost every 3-4 months.
  • For SEO optimization, you must audit the website on a regular basis. Implement the recommendations for SEO because if the customers can’t discover your store there will be no sales at all.
  • Audit the website for different performance metrics such as speed, loading time, etc., and modify them accordingly.
  • The monitoring tools included in the maintenance services can predict an outage in advance so that proactive actions can be taken to prevent the outage.
  • Maintenance of the database logs and server logs on a regular basis.

How to find the best Magento development company for ongoing Magento maintenance services?

It is not easy to find a Magento development company for maintaining your store. The financial points are highly important to consider, but you can’t just determine the maintenance partner only on the basis of cost. You must hire a top-notch Magento development company whose core expertise is Magento. You can follow these steps while looking for the best Magento maintenance services:

  • Find a company with highly experienced Magento developers for minimizing the risk of breakdown of the site. Having Magento-certified developers within the company will be an extra advantage.
  • The professionalism and timely delivery of the tasks should be given higher priority
  • Always sign an NDA with the company as they will be accessing your site and can collect the data.
  • Check out their previous projects
  • Check the reviews and ratings from their previous clients for the same services.

Benefits of Magento Maintenance Services:

After hiring a Magento development company for the maintenance of your Magento store, it becomes their responsibility that the website is running properly 24 x 7 without any technical glitches. There is no security loophole on the site and they will be responsible to eliminate any security threat. You will get exonerated from all the technical worries of your Magento site by hiring a Magento development company. The other benefits are:

  • The Magento maintenance partner would make sure that your Magento store is running on the latest version and is up-to-date with the security patches.
  • The regular speed and SEO audit of the site will help in getting better ranks on the Google search results.
  • The latest features will be included in your site as per the market trends and your requirements.
  • The extensions and third-party apps will be installed and updated regularly.
  • Security of a website is ensured by auditing it for the latest security vulnerabilities and fixing security loopholes.

How to Manage Magento Maintenance Services?

There are certain practices that you have to follow for making most out of the maintenance services:

a. Website Optimization:

There must be no hiccups on your Magento store and it should be optimized regularly. Speed is a very important factor for the UX of the site. Apart from the speed, make regular testing to check the navigation is proper. It enhances the UI and UX of the website.

b. Version Upgrades:

Mostly the latest is best. Magento keeps releasing newer versions by fixing existing issues, including new features, etc. You must make sure that your website is utilizing the latest Magento version. The same is true for the 3rd party extensions, themes and other plugins.

c. Select a reliable hosting provider:

Hosting can make or break the performance of your Magento store. Hosting is responsible for the overall performance of the site, its working, speed, security and many other things. It becomes highly important when you are running your e-commerce store on Magento. Don’t always get tempted for the low-cost hosting but choose wisely a better performance hosting with the best level of security.

d. Eliminate Dummy Products:

While developing the website, either the site owner or a Magento development company uses dummy products for testing the functionality of the website. But after the website development, I mostly forget to delete all the products. It will degrade the user experience of the site. Also, they will occupy the disk space and the loading speed of the website.

e. Never overload your website:

Even a website has a limit of installing the theme or extensions. Adding unnecessary extensions or themes to your store will make it bulky and affect the performance of the site. Also, managing the extra plugins is a tedious task.

Why Choose Ceymox Technologies?

You don’t need to walk on fire for finding the best Magento development company that can keep your Magento store up-to-date. We, at Ceymox Technologies, have expertise in developing Magento stores from scratch and providing maintenance services. Ceymox Technologies is fortified with a team of certified Magento developers who are available 24 x 7 for client services.

We can customize your store as per your requirements, add new features & functionality, improve speed, fix existing issues, upgrade Magento versions, and a lot more. The vast experience of Ceymox Technologies in handling Magento maintenance projects ensures that the team always has new aces on their sleeves to optimize the store further. Contact us for more details.

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