Magento Interesting Facts That You Must Know

Magento Interesting Facts That You Must Know

Magento, a popular e-commerce site development platform, was created in 2007, and released in 2008. Now it powers nearly 1% of the websites which exist on the internet. In the Content Management System market, it is having a 1.4% market share. Of the top 100,000 e-commerce stores, nearly one-third of these stores are built on Magento. Using this e-commerce development platform, you will get the utmost level of flexibility and stability in your store with user interacting features on the website. As a business owner, you will not have to face much about the technicalities but can focus on the scope & development of your business. We have shared a lot of articles regarding the features & functionalities of Magento, however, we will be knowing about the most interesting things about Magento.

1. Magento is ruling the e-commerce market:​


Do you know that more than 250,000 merchants are using the Magento platform for their online stores? It is acceptable that there are other platforms as well which are having more presence such as WooCommerce & Shopify, but with each passing year, the preference for Magento is increasing. Just between 2017, and 2018 the number of Magento stores doubled. This shows a huge jump of the Magento.

2. Many top-notch companies are using Magento for their online store:

Top Companies Using Magento

Here are a few top names of the industry which are using Magento-built e-commerce stores:

  • You must have heard of Samsung. This Korean-based IT giant is using Magento for its Samsung Mobile Shop.
  • In the automotive industry, Ford is amongst the oldest companies and is using Magento for its store.
  • The sportswear brand, Helly Hansen, is based in Norway. The company is not built gear devices and sell them in a Magento store. Now it is having a total revenue of $650.8 million.
  • Fox connect is an internationally well-known entertainment site.
  • The digital cameras giant, Olympus is also using Magento for its e-commerce store.
  • The popular football club, Liverpool FC is having a clothing brand whose store is based on Magento.

The list is not going to end thus we have only considered a few top names. Magento is a robust framework because of which leading brands are using it for their e-commerce activities.

3. Thousands of Themes and Extensions:

It is a no hidden fact there are thousands of themes and extensions available on the Magento marketplace. Nearly 50% of these themes & extensions are of the previous version i.e. Magento 1 which has been outdated last year. The remaining ones are for Magento 2. You can enhance the features & functionalities of your Magento store using these add-ons. The extensions are easy to install and make web development easier. These things attract a lot of developers regardless of whether they are novices or amateurs.

Using an existing extension for your store saves your time as well as budget. Also, you can find a theme as per your industry niche and can quickly start the development of your store.

4. Huge community of over 200,000 Magento developers:

There is a huge community of professional Magento developers who are either developing the projects of their client or are developing their own solutions. They are helping the online retailers in e-commerce development from scratch, or adding a new feature or functionality, improving the speed, security, etc.

With such a huge availability of developers, you will always have a back to find a solution for your store. Top-notch technical support is available for merchants, sellers, and service providers.

5. Magento is searched more on Google than ‘eCommerce’:

This is as per Google searches online. Since 2008, the search engine has been asked more about Magento than about eCommerce. It is not worth surprising as the platform is getting high popularity over the decade.

6. 1300+ Magento Official Global Partners:

If you want to collaborate with Magento in future, then you must read this fact. Magento was not just limited to serving the e-commerce retailers by providing a platform that can meet their every requirement, it also created a partnership network of 1300+ reputed companies. These partners take the legacy of providing the services to all the users. It can be implementing the business solution, designing a store, enhancing the functionality of a store, and support.

However, it is not a piece of cake to become a partner of Magento. It handpicks an agency or a Magento development company as an ambassador of their platform.

7. Magento is being downloaded more than 5000 times every day:

In 2008, when Magento was released, it got massive downloads of more than 500,000. It was a huge success at that time, and the numbers have only increased from there. As per the stats of Magento, the platform is getting more than 5000 downloads every day. It makes 150,000 every month. It ultimately implies that the figure which was achieved in 2008 is now achievable within only 3 months.

These numbers only reflect the official website stats while there must be more numbers for 3rd party downloads, and pirated copies. We always recommend not to use any pirated copy as it can contain viruses or malware.

8. Adobe acquired Magento for $1.68 billion:

Adobe is a highly popular and reputed software development company known for creating its software and a multimedia application. In 2018, Adobe acquired Magento for $1.68 billion. Before the acquisition of Magento, a private firm owned, but now Adobe is planning to merge it with its cloud platform for a next-level experience.

9. More than $155 billion worth of transactions happen at Magento every year:

Now, this was a very exciting fact. Consider a platform that is powering 1.2% of the whole internet. The sales on Magento including stores, e-commerce websites, and service providers amounts to nearly $155 billion. Every transaction is safe & secure on this platform.

For every online store, managing the online transactions is a highly concerning issue, integrating payment gateways and then accounting for the sales receipts are the bigger challenges.

10. Run Multiple E-commerce using a single backend:

Magento is a one-of-its-kind e-commerce development platform that lets you manage multiple e-commerce stores using a single dashboard. The multiple store functionality will help in getting rid of multiple apps over multiple domains. Also, online retailers have the option to show multiple store views that display relevant products to a region in a language or currency which are native to them.

Wrapping Up:

In this article, we have gone through several facts about Magento which can entice you to choose it for your next e-commerce development. We always recommend using Magento for e-commerce practices. At Ceymox Technologies, the best e-commerce development company, we have the expertise to develop a Magento store from scratch. Let us know your requirements.

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