Magento Certifications: What are these and Why are they important?

Magento Certifications What are these and Why are they important

Your Adobe Commerce (also known as Magento) store needs to be mended, improved, upgraded, or completely rebuilt. How do you choose a developer to collaborate with?

A licensed one! For this reason, the best Magento development companies usually use Magento-certified developers and are proud to show off their Adobe Magento credentials.

For the last 13 years, Ceymox Technologies has served as a hub for merchants to find Adobe-certified individuals across a wide range of experience levels and areas of focus within the web development industry. And believe us when we say that they have always gotten the well-written code and technical know-how they needed.

How can you determine which Magento certification is necessary for your developer?

Continue reading for the complete Magento certification list and a thorough description of what to anticipate from your selected, certified engineer.

Magento 2 Certification: What Is It?

We always advise examining their Magento credentials by reading our advice on how to hire a Magento development company. Describe them.

Simply put, the Magento 2 certification is a hands-on Adobe exam designed to certify experts at several levels and provide them with an opportunity to display their credentials in the form of digital badges.

Due to the demise of the Magento 1 platform, developers versed in the Magento 2 framework have risen to prominence as essential members of the IT departments of businesses running on the Magento 2 platform. Since Magento 2 is much different from Magento 1, candidates for the Magento 2 Certification test will need to devote significant study time to learning the ins and outs of the new platform.

Some certification requirements changed in 2018 when Magento joined Adobe. Magento credentials are now known as Adobe certifications and must be renewed every two years as of August 17, 2020.

Although it may seem like a hassle, this upgrade is quite helpful and encourages developers to further their careers, obtain more practical experience, and even raise their hourly rates as Magento developers. In addition, the test has 60 practical questions and may be challenging with its traps, which can only be avoided with years of diligent study.

It costs money to get a Magento 2 Certification. The developer certification test may cost anywhere from $195 to $395, depending on the specific badge being sought. There is a $150 (globally) and $80 (India) renewal cost for the certification.

An In-Depth Overview of Magento Certifications [+Adobe Certification Alternatives]

There are a total of 8 different Magento certificates available, and they’re all mapped to the Expert, Professional, and Master tiers of the Adobe Certified Professional certification. 

Let’s go through each category, its accompanying badges, the necessary skill sets, and the costs in greater depth.

If you still have questions after searching, feel free to contact us. At Ceymox Technologies, we have certified Adobe experts who would be pleased to help you with any questions you may have, certificates or not.

Solution Expert in Magento 2 (AD0-E700 Adobe Certified Expert – Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner)

A professional user of the Magento 2 e-commerce platform, known as a Magento 2 Solution Specialist (now known as an Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner), is able to independently and successfully match a company’s business goals with Magento 2 capability. They are familiar with the inner workings of the Magento eCommerce framework and will tailor the functionality of built-in elements like the B2B module and the store’s selling tools to your specific requirements.

For business owners, an essential multi-tasking position for business owners is that of a Magento Solution Specialist. They consult with stakeholders to learn what they need from an eCommerce site, lead the development team, and look for methods to improve your return on investment and site traffic.

The test is intended for salesmen, technical architects, and project managers. In most cases, you’ll need to be familiar with computer networking, cloud computing, and server hardware. Developers who have earned the Magento 2 certification will be well-versed in all things Magento 2 and Adobe Commerce-related. This includes the platform’s core features, its architecture, the extensions it uses, and the third-party modules it relies on.

Price: $295

Associate Developer certified for Magento 2 (AD0-E702 Adobe Certified Professional – Adobe Commerce Developer)

With this Magento certification, a developer may start their profession. This test aids in validating abilities such as UI changes, database updates, customizations, admin changes, or functionality adjustments.

This is the most frequent entry-level certification for agencies that provide Magento support and maintenance and employ junior engineers.

A developer with less than two years of experience might consider earning the Adobe Commerce Developer certification the first rung on the career ladder. Such trained Magento developers will bring expertise and understanding of PHP, MySQL, Apache, Nginx, and Linux to the table.

Price: $195

Professional Magento 2 Developer (AD0-E703 Adobe Certified Expert – Adobe Commerce Developer)

Exam objectives included validating knowledge of database, administration, and user interface customization, much as those on Adobe’s Commerce Developer Certification exam. The only real difference between a novice and a competent Magento 2 developer is the latter’s years of expertise with the platform.

Expect to see expertise in order management integrations and adjustments, as well as customizations of the checkout experience. Changes to the functionality and layout of the catalog are also being tested. Therefore, you need to have had at least a year and a half of relevant work experience.

Due to its challenging nature, this exam is aimed particularly for experienced backend engineers.

Price: $295

Professional Magento 2 Developer Plus (AD0-E704 Adobe Certified Master Magento Commerce Architect)

Successful candidates have worked as Magento team leads, architects, or developers for at least 2 years and have shown expertise in modifying many parts of the Magento platform.

This level of Magento certified developer takes significant technical choices for a project and collaborates with clients to define project specifications.

Any architecture must have a strong foundation in order to function properly, particularly given how intricate the design of Magento 2 is. This is why companies that want to succeed need to hire Magento Commerce Architects.

Price: $395

Front-end developer for Magento 2 (AD0-E701 Adobe Certified Expert – Adobe Commerce Front-End Developer)

To sit for this test, a Magento developer has to have worked with Magento 2 for at least 18 months during the course of the previous 24 months. This exam is geared toward front-end developers whose work involves developing and modifying Magento themes, and it consists mostly of scenario-based questions.

Because the front end is the most visible element of the website, choosing a Magento-certified front-end developer is critical for establishing a good online relationship with clients.

Price: $295

JavaScript Developer for Magento 2 (AD0-E705 Adobe Certified Expert – Adobe Commerce JavaScript Developer)

As the name implies, this test is meant to verify knowledge of creating and modifying JavaScript modules for Magento 2 (the platform on which the exam is based). Having worked with JavaScript for at least a year requires this professional Magento developer.

Developers that have earned this certification in JavaScript will be able to provide Magento-based shops the polished appearance, and interactive visual features users expect from the platform (UI).

Price: $295

Cloud Developer for Magento 2 (AD0-E706 Adobe Certified Expert – Adobe Commerce Cloud Developer)

Magento 2 developers and architects who want this certification must have worked on at least two Cloud deployments within the last 12 months. This specific Magento 2 certification certifies the engineer’s proficiency with the Magento Cloud environment, including deployment, testing, troubleshooting, and operation.

By using Adobe Commerce Cloud capabilities, these Magento-certified professionals will boost your project’s operations and performance using Adobe Commerce Cloud capabilities. Working Theseo specialists from Magento Commerce Architects.

Price: $295

How to Determine a Certified Magento Developer?

Numerous e-commerce development firms, like Ceymox Technologies, who take pleasure in their certification and partnership with Adobe, prominently display their badges on their websites. So, check the company’s site or the relevant Magento services page for the badges.

Additionally, the Adobe Partners website lists authorized, certified Magento partners.

To verify specific certificates, company owners recruiting developers may need to either connect directly to their credentials at or evaluate their prospects’ abilities during an interview.

Examine the appropriate inquiries to pose to a Magento developer in a technical interview to find the best candidates.

How to Study for the Magento Certification Exam: A Note for Experts in the Field

In essence, developers need no extra training before the test. But a developer may prepare in other ways than only real-world and professional experiences. Several actions may be made to achieve this:

  • Amend the theory
  • Work on projects for Magento
  • Create themes or modules for Magento 2

Candidates may study for any Magento 2 Certification by browsing through Magento 2.4.x Developer Documentation or taking courses on the Adobe Digital Learning Platform. Find more helpful resources that a Magento developer may use to study for the certification test as you read on to learn more about it.

Digital Learning Platform for Adobe courses

To help developers succeed on certification tests, Adobe has released its Digital Learning Platform. Among the numerous topics covered in earlier classes are the fundamentals of Magento 2 theming, store management, and requirements discovery.

Developer Documentation for Magento 2.4

Adobe Commerce 2.4 Developer Guide, formerly known as the Magento 2.4 Developer Documentation, is now available. It is a repository of manuals, tutorials, and community materials that may assist Magento developers in learning and development.

Instructional Materials, MOOCs, and Informal Learning

The Magento community of developers offers other alternate learning resources. You have many choices if you are interested in obtaining Magento 2 certification.

  • On his blog and YouTube channel, Max Pronko offers courses.
  • offers Magento 2 classes.
  • A collection of Magento resources may be found on the dedicated Magento blog FireBear Studio.
  • For Magento 2 developers, Magemastery provides online classes and workshops.
  • The community of Magento developers may be found on Magento Forum.
  • MageTraining’s classroom courses include those for front-end and back-end Magento developers.
  • Certification Resources from SwiftOtter include practice examinations and study aids.
  • Mage Academy’s Magento 2 Developer Training covers updating or expanding Magento 2 features for seasoned developers.
  • MageTalk: A Magento Community Podcast is a Magento podcast for those who enjoy auditory education.
  • Alan Kent and Alan Storm publish articles with important Magento 2 insights and real-life scenarios.
  • The Magento Developer Blog is the official developer blog for my Magento platform.

The Magento Developer Certification List is Complete

A fantastic validation tool for different Magento developers and businesses using the platform, Magento 2 certification is, in fact.

There will always be a demand for top-certified Magento developers, given how many companies and brands run their stores on Magento 2. Additionally, by utilizing the Magento certification badges, you can:

  • For business owners, verify developer skills and credentials to find trustworthy tech partners;
  • Magento developers get visibility, access to bigger projects, and higher salaries.


Is It Worth It to Become Adobe Certified?

Adobe Commerce certified developers might increase their clientele, command more outstanding prices, and gain the confidence of their audience in addition to demonstrating their suitability for the position. Additionally, each Magento 2 certified developer is included in the Magento Certification Directory, increasing their visibility to prospective customers.

Why use certified Magento developers?

Business owners may be certain that any Magento/Adobe certified expert will match the highest delivery requirements since Magento 2 professional developer accreditation is difficult to get. For example, a one-person business selling handmade goods would not think much of this, but for mid-sized and big businesses with significant stakes, Magento-certified programmers provide dependable quality assurance.

How can I get certified in Magento?

Check the requirements for taking the exam, review and study the necessary materials to pass it, and then register for it on the official Adobe website before you can get a Magento certification badge. Remember that all exams cost money and take 90 minutes to complete online.

Wrapping Up:

At Ceymox Technologies, the best Magento development company in India, we are having certified Magento developers who are having expertise in developing highly advanced and functional e-commerce stores utilizing the latest technologies and features. Let us know your requirements.

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