Magento Hidden Features That You Must Know

Magento Hidden Features That You Must Know

Magento, the most popular e-commerce development platform is packed with a lot of exciting features, but not every Magento feature is well known. These unknown or we say “hidden” features can take your e-commerce store to the next level.

Magento has become the first choice for CMS when someone wants to develop an e-commerce site. It gives utmost flexibility to online retailers and has tons of features for customization. Despite offering so much, there are chances when you may overlook certain features & functionalities. In this article, we will be telling you about those useful features which are tucked away in the depths of Magento UI. You can find these hidden features quite useful.

Top 5 Magento Hidden Features:

So finally, let’s know about the hidden Magento features that you must be aware of.

1. Extending Session:

It can take even hours to edit your online Magento store and it is so easy to lose all track of time as you get into the minutiae. Thus, it can be heartbreaking that all your efforts will go in vain if at the time of saving changes you have been timed out.

The only reason for this is having a low Admin Session Lifetime. The Session timeline is a security feature to prevent unwanted admin login activities. But this feature is also frustrating when you are logged out before saving the edits.

The good news is, you can extend the time of Session Lifetime to resolve this problem. Go to the System > Configuration > Advanced > Admin > Security > Session Lifetime (Seconds). Here you can change the session time before it kicks you out, resolving your problem forever.

2. Tier Pricing: Powerful Promotional Tool

You can find the Tier Pricing tool in Magento’s product management settings. You can use the Tier pricing tool for setting different prices of products on the basis of the quantity the customer is purchasing. Basically, it is used for giving discounts on bulk buying.

If your Magento store involves B2B business then it is a required feature as bulk purchases are common. For using the Tier pricing feature, navigate to Catalog > Managed Products > Add/Edit Product > Prices > Add Tier.

3. Send Customer Product Alerts:

A customer gets infuriated when he finds a perfect item and it gets sold out. Notification, when an out of stock came back in stock, is highly useful for a customer.

There are many Magento store retailers who don’t even know that they can easily set up product alerts by navigating to System > Configuration > Catalog. Here you will find the Product Alerts option, expand it. A drop-down menu will appear where you have to select Yes for both “Allow Alert When Product Price Changes” and “Allow Alert When Product Comes Back in Stock”.

After choosing yes, the customers will have an option to sign up for e-mail product alerts. It is a great thing to know that you enable these alerts without using any 3rd party Magento extension. This small feature can improve the user experience a lot.

4. Set Custom Product Ratings:

In Magento, you can set your own criteria for customers to rate your products. And you don’t even require any 3rd party extension for this. Magento allows you to let customers rate your products out of the box, and define your own custom criteria too. Quality, price, and value are the default ratings. But if these categories are not enough to what you want for your customers, you can add your own choice.

Just navigate to Stores > Attributes > Rating and then click Add New Rating in the upper-right corner. You will find ratings as stars which will appear on each product page.

5. Customer Groups Creation:

Last, but not least, creating customer groups is another hidden feature in Magento. Creating groups of customers is useful especially when you want to set special pricing, give exciting discounts, etc. These can be certain VIPs, staff, wholesale buyers, etc.

Only the grouped customers will see the special pricing, and you can hide the pricing for the logged out customers. It’s a useful pricing tool that gives you more control over the pricing structure of your products. You just have to navigate to Customers > Customer Groups.

Wrapping Up:

Magento is a great CMS choice for developing an e-commerce store. But there are so many features that you will require a Magento development company like us to make maximum out of them. At Ceymox Technologies, the best Magento development company in India, we are having expertise in developing Magento stores from scratch. Please let us know your requirements.

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