How Video Shopping Can Help E-commerce Brands Promote Their Products

How Video Shopping Can Help E-commerce Brands Promote Their Products

There is no longer any need for pushy sales tactics. Today’s internet shoppers like to find and purchase things through entertainment, utilizing applications that attract their attention while they are on the go.

Live video shopping fits their needs and deserves to be named the trendiest marketing tool for companies in 2022.

This post will help developers or brands aiming to engage consumers through live shopping.

Advantages of Live Video Shopping for Companies

Live commerce combines live broadcasting and e-commerce. It’s simply shopping via internet streaming, allowing you to watch and purchase at the same time. Due to the rising popularity of live broadcasts, businesses have started to utilize the format for promotional and commercial goals. It’s been called the “next big thing” in the world of online shopping.

This easy and popular method of online purchasing first appeared in May 2016 on Alibaba’s Taobao Live and has since been one of the company’s primary revenue generators in the country of China. In this article, we will explore the positive aspects of live commerce and the factors that necessitated the development of such a service in the online shopping industry.

Improved Customer Bonds

Seventy-eight percent of businesses say that providing a more personal experience for their customers is the top reason for including live shopping in their marketing strategies. Face-to-face dialogues in video streaming captivate consumers and help companies create trust.

Ultimate Customization

One way to tailor an offering to an individual’s needs is through a live, in-depth product demonstration accompanied by inquiries. Viewers may engage with the vendors, making the experience more personalized than simply viewing a video. It increases customer service by eliminating any consumer uncertainties.

New Revenue Source

Live video shopping is unparalleled in increasing consumer engagement, brand service, and ROI. It’s a novel approach to reaching out to customers honestly that’s more likely to result in sales.

Fewer Returns

Because customers have a far better understanding of their particular at the time of purchase, video shopping decreases product returns. The return rate drops to zero when customers can virtually try on products using augmented reality technology.

Unique Interaction

Ecommerce video solutions bring together businesses, consumers, and influencers on a single platform integrated into their website or app. Customers do not need to switch between channels and may thoroughly enjoy a continuous video buying experience.

3 Methods to Improve Your Brand's Video Shopping Experience

Now the question is, how can you help your customers browse more effectively using video? There are three options for dealing with it.

Enhance the existing app with video shopping features

Live shopping capabilities may be integrated into a website or mobile app to provide the merchant with complete command over the shopping experience, inventory, and maintenance of shopping carts.

Face AR SDK and Video Editor SDK make it simple to add capabilities like AR live broadcasting and video editing. Both include pre-coded functionality and AR effects to make video shopping unique.

Key advantages include:

  • Spend less time developing features.
  • Ready-to-use augmented reality filters and effects to increase interaction
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • APIs may be easily added, and documentation is comprehensive.
  • Technical assistance.

Join a video shopping platform

Video e-commerce systems are web-based applications that can be hosted offsite and embedded on your site. You can access a highly interactive platform loaded with the real-time product or service promotion tools when you choose this option.

The main perk is that customers bypass intermediary sites and go straight to your platforms, where they spend as much time as possible researching and making a purchase. You may boost engagement by including interactive elements such as polls or immediate gifts.

The primary advantages are as follows:

  • A streamlined online buying experience
  • Excellent features.

Use social media channels that include shoppable features.

You may use the most well-known social media sites if you’re short on cash or want to try out video buying before committing to any provider. Several established competitors include YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, & Amazon Live. There are two ways to host a live session for your audience: alongside an influencer or on your own.

As previously highlighted, there are practical and brand-experience constraints imposed by social networks. However, this does not rule out the possibility of your campaign producing results.

The primary advantages are as follows:

  • There are no software costs.
  • It is simple to build buzz and attract an audience.

5 Use Cases for Brands Using Video Commerce

Video shopping is becoming increasingly popular for brands and social media platforms to engage with consumers and retain their attention. Here are a few examples of fascinating live video commerce applications.

Shopping events in real time

It’s easy to believe that a live video commerce event is confirmed when you consider all the marketing rewards: a flash sale, a website discount, and promotional coupons.

The Bloomingdale’s department store has successfully implemented a marketing strategy centred on video shopping, hosting more than 50 live shopping events. One recent Jimmy Choo brand live webcast offered free fashion sketches to the first 50 customers. Who made a purchase and sent gift cards to anybody who watched until the end of the event.

Influencer and Guest Host

Aldo, a shoe and accessory company, recently hosted an online meetup with fashion influencers, including stylist Mimi Cuttrell and TikTok star Nate Wyatt to talk about the latest trends and share their thoughts on Aldo’s offerings. During the stream, fans may examine and purchase things. As a consequence, they observed:

  • In the next five days, their website had 17,000 extra page views.
  • The average viewing time is more than 12 minutes.
  • The event received 308% participation.
  • Aldo-live-video-shopping-experience
Video Commerce in-App

Wayfair, an online furniture store, has included a video shopping feature within its app. The video shopping material includes studio shows and glimpses inside the makers’ homes. It displays furniture to buyers daily. Wayfair’s Rundown and Two-Spaced advise on multi-purpose furniture and layouts for modern homes.

Tutoring Sessions in Real Time

CAIA Cosmetics, a Swedish cosmetics company, has embraced video commerce by broadcasting its founder’s live beauty instructions online. Video shopping is enabled by default. Bambuser, a mobile streaming platform, claims that as a consequence, they were able to

  • An 11-minute average viewing time
  • 60% of viewers “like” the material, 
  • While 17% engage in a live discussion.
Channel for Live Video Shopping

Additionally, live streaming in stores is becoming increasingly popular and is being used by many significant businesses. For example, Samsung has created a unique landing page called #LiveAtSamsung to promote its video shopping.

The retail behemoth Nordstrom, which also specializes in clothing and cosmetics, has now launched a similar service, called Nordstrom Now. Customers may communicate with Nordstrom workers, brand partners, and beauty and fashion experts.

Mobile applications for Live Video Commerce

New chances for merchants occurred when the retail business grew to incorporate another e-commerce channel. New solutions have begun to develop on the market, allowing users to conduct live commerce straight from the app. What are the benefits of this sales strategy?

To begin, buyers may register with all essential data in a specialized mobile app and then purchase without limits or the need to input them or provide them to anybody. You may increase revenues and attract more customers by inviting influencers to promote your app and a specific brand through a live commerce app.

The pros of a real-time e-commerce app

  • Customers may purchase things immediately from the broadcast they are viewing without taking further steps.
  • You can allow consumers to quickly register and make purchases using the app.
  • It’s a valuable tool for keeping up with current trends.
  • All the items shown in the broadcast may be seen and purchased directly in the app if you link them to your shop.
  • The program remembers where the user left off in the stream, so they may watch it later.
  • Depending on the preferences of your clientele, you may arrange items from various categories into distinct streams.
  • The in-app shopping cart allows you to buy things in bulk without making numerous payments.
  • Giving consumers the option to click through to a product’s linked stream allows them to view the item in use or on a model.

The Best 7 Online Shopping Live Video Platforms

While the popularity of e-commerce videos is growing, the market for shopping apps that feature videos is still in its infancy. However, several renowned players have already raised the bar.

#1. Bambuser

Bambuser is a Stockholm-based SaaS firm that offers the world’s best Live Video Shopping solution. The target market for this program includes media conglomerates, mobile platforms, and field service organizations.

  • Over 300 mobile devices are supported for broadcasting and playback.
  • The ability to configure numerous video streams in a small embedded player
#2. HERO

HERO is an easy-to-use and feature-packed e-commerce platform that enables both one-on-one and group video sales for online and brick-and-mortar retailers. As a competitive edge, it allows users to make video-shopped material optimized for sharing on social networking platforms.

  • Several characteristics
  • Use “Stories” to produce short-form, shoppable movies you can post to your business or social networks.
  • Simple integration
#3. Livescale

Livescale is a live shopping software service (SaaS) platform that can be accessed over the cloud and used by retailers to boost consumer interaction. You can experiment with different brands in the market or get access to data in real time, and the sky’s the limit regarding creativity. You may host live shopping events where participants can participate in polls, provide feedback, and comment on other buyers.

With a free 30-day trial and a monthly fee of just $490, Shopify integration can be set up in no time.

#4. Swirl

Swirl is a mobile SaaS video commerce platform for merchants, influencers, and small companies. One of its distinguishing characteristics is the ability to produce TikTok-style short video content. It contains comprehensive analytics in addition to regular live streaming and purchasing functions. You may follow up with and retarget interested viewers.

  • Whitelabel application
  • Streaming one-to-many or one-to-one
  • Pre-record a video and upload it to your website.
#5 Talkative

Talkative is an instant messaging service that helps businesses cut down on wait times for their customers and boost the efficiency of their sales teams. Live sessions may be hosted on your website, and inquiries from customers can be answered in a flash thanks to the incorporation of voice and video calling, chat, and co-browsing features.

  • CRM and contact centre system integrations
  • Video customer service on demand.
  • No app downloads are required.
#6. Confer With

Confer With is an online storefront that allows for personal, one-on-one video chats throughout the purchasing process. Whether it’s a retail clerk or a business consultant, you may recreate them digitally to provide better service to your customers. During live video shopping experiences, you may show items immediately on the customer’s screen and add promotions and freebies to consumer baskets.

  • The ultimate in customization,
  • Distribute product photos and video demos.
  • Make and curate suggestions.
#7. Buywith

Buywith is a growing live-stream shopping platform that allows brands, merchants, and influencers to host live online shopping events and create quick purchases. Customers may click the “WANT” button and put items in their shopping baskets while watching the shopping video sessions.

Buywith’s use of AI algorithms to filter out spam and keep your feed free of harmful comments is one of the aspects that sets it apart from the competition. Customers may explore and purchase while watching the broadcast session using a simple screen-sharing function.

  • Integration with no coding.
  • Customers may tune in from any device with a connection.
  • Check out without participating in the session.
  • Coupon codes that have a timer.

How can live streaming shopping enhance the client experience?

The customer experience (CX) refers to your customers’ perceptions of your product, service, and overall business. When developing your brand and establishing development strategies, it’s critical to maintain an exceptional customer experience in mind. People and goods are the two key factors that influence the customer experience. That implies you must consider the quality of your goods and the entire service.

As a result, one of the methods to improve the client experience is through live commerce. By incorporating live streaming into your e-commerce platform or m-commerce app, you may increase your business’s reach and provide more value to your consumers.

Live events may boost your store’s appeal while improving the shopping experience. And, of course, this may result in more significant sales.


Nowadays, video material, particularly live video events, wields enormous force. Give your store visitors various online shopping options and observe which ones perform best for your company.

At Ceymox Technologies, the best e-commerce development company in India, we are having expertise in developing e-commerce stores from scratch using different technologies. We are not just experts in live commerce but also have full hands experience in voice commerce, image commerce, and m-commerce. Let us know your requirements. 

Have fun determining the best course for your organization!

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