Magento Store Maintenance Monthly Checklist

Magento Store Maintenance Monthly Checklist

You have successfully developed a Magento store, your audience is visiting your online store, and they are making great purchases. Things are going well. But is this the end of your responsibilities as an e-commerce store owner? Definitely No! Developing a website is not such a big thing as retaining it. In simple words, you have to maintain your website to provide a stupendous shopping experience every time a user visits your website. There must be improvements but not degradations. For this, you will require the monthly maintenance of your website.

Monthly maintenance is something that you do with your car i.e. checking its engine, interior, cleaning, changing the old oil, etc. Similar things you have to do with your website to keep it healthy, and secure. Don’t get fooled just by looking at the website, there are instances when the website is looking good but isn’t performing well. It is important to build a website but it is more important to maintain it for gaining customers. You have already made a great decision by choosing Magento as your e-commerce development platform. Magento comes with the advantage that it is easy to do ongoing maintenance activities on its platform. Also, it releases regular updates for boosting performance and conversion rates. In this article, we will go through a monthly checklist that you should follow for the maintenance of your Magento store every month.

Magento Store Maintenance Monthly Checklist:

1. First comes the performance of Magento store:

site performance

You must first analyze your Magento store performance and find out the issues which already exist or can arise in the future. You can either hire a Magento development company like us who will always look out for the issue or can also use a tool such as Google Analytics. Google Analytics doesn’t just analyze the user behaviour on your site but also shares various critical parameters such as bounce rates, traffic, number of orders, soar prices, form submissions, 404 redirects, etc. You must monitor these parameters as they are critical to the sales. Users may leave your website due to the reasons such as page loading speed, form submission, content, and spam traffic. Analyze your website which can affect your business.

2. Check the speed of your Magento store:


Do you know a 1-second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions? As per Neil Patel’s report, nearly 47% of online customers expect the site to load in 2 seconds or less. 80% of the visitors accepted that a slow website is more irritating than a temporary down website. You can use any online tool to measure your Magento store speed.

Here are the 10 best tools to measure your Magento store speed for free of cost.

Using these tools, you will come to know several factors which are slowing down your website and suggestions of how you can improve the speed. Some of the basic ways of improving your site speed are:

3. Analyze your Magento store’s security:

enhanced security

Security is a primary concern for the customers who purchase online. They always want to ensure that the e-commerce store is fully secured as while making a purchase they have to share the credit/debit card details or other payment details. If you fail in providing utmost security to your customer on your e-commerce store, it will directly impact the sales. Search engines as well don’t prioritize the websites which are not safe for the users. Some of the most common attacks on e-commerce websites are frauds of credit or debit card, DDoS, Cross-site scripting, Malware injections, etc.

4. Check for any broken links:

broken links

Broken links are a common problem if you have migrated your store from any other platform to Magento i.e. Magento 2 migration. In the broken links, the users reach the dead-end of your Magento store. It leads to a pathetic user experience and users don’t take a second to abandon your e-commerce store. But no worries, we can help in this regard as well. There are tools like Google and Bing webmaster which can detect broken links and fix them. But instead of completely relying on a tool, you must give this task to an efficient Magento development company like us who can fix such pages and deliver a next-level shopping experience to the visitors.

5. Website forms testing:


We all use various forms in our websites as a part of gathering customer details like name, e-mail, address, contact details, etc. to deliver a better customer experience. The forms have a purpose such as marketing, advertising, sending newsletters, reminding them for cart abandonment, etc. You must check these forms at least once a month as a minor fault can make your very important data.

6. Order processing checking:

order processing

A customer journey on an e-commerce store begins with searching for a product and ends with making the payment. You must check this entire process on a regular basis and focus on every step to analyze the UX. Check the features such as search, product details page, add to cart, and checkout. In search, the customers should be able to find a product even on entering an incorrect or mistype product name, the product details should emphasize everything that customers must know, and add to cart & checkout should be seamless.

7. Backup is highly important:


No matter how much you have maintained your site or on which platform it is being developed, you can’t take the risk of losing your precious data in case it got crashed. But if you have taken a backup of your store then you don’t need to worry. An updated backup of your store can rescue you from any online threat that crashes your Magento store. As a highly experienced Magento development company, we perform regular backups of our client’s Magento stores in case it requires unexpected content.

8. Update the content of your website regularly:


Apart from the technical points, you must use non-plagiarized, organic, unique, user-friendly and fresh content to provide fresh content for your patrons who regularly visit your Magento store. It will not just improve the UX and UI of your e-commerce store but will also enhance your store position in the search engine rankings. Googlebot crawlers always prefer fresh and unique content websites.

What we can do for your Magento store maintenance?

Perform Daily Maintenance:

  • Visual inspection
  • Checking out recent Magento updates
  • Looking out for speed and other issues

Weekly Maintenance:

  • Data backup
  • Update new features if introduced in the e-commerce industry
  • Updating content
  • Digital marketing

Monthly Maintenance:

  • Analyze the security of your Magento store
  • Checking the speed of the store
  • Contact forms testing

Yearly Maintenance:

  • Removing unnecessary extensions
  • Magento 2 version upgrade
  • R&D for new functionalities to stay ahead in the e-commerce industry
  • Checking competitors e-commerce stores

Wrapping Up:

In this article, we have gone through almost every aspect of your Magento store maintenance. Running a Magento store could be more challenging if you don’t hire a professional Magento development company like us. At Ceymox Technologies, the best Magento development company in India, we have expertise in Magento website maintenance, version upgrade, security, speed, and whatnot. You can rely on us for the technicalities of your store and focus just on business needs. Let us know your requirements.

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