Why you should use the Magento Security Scan tool for your Magento store?

Why you should use the Magento Security Scan tool for your Magento store

When there is money involved, criminals follow. Security of your e-commerce store is not something that you can take lightly. There have been several instances of data leaks that have fundamentally damaged trust in digital security. But as the world is getting digital, customers now are comfortable in making payments digitally through known payment systems like Paypal, Amazon, Google, etc. However, they are still not convinced to enter their credit card details to even known companies because of the fear of losing money.

If you fail in providing utmost security to your customer on your e-commerce store, it will directly impact the sales and will also degrade your business reputation. Once it is known that the company is not trustworthy for keeping the customer data secure, no one will prefer to buy from your store.

Fortunately, Magento is highly renowned for its security to prevent hackers and any cyber-attacks. It comes with new security patches regularly for enhanced security and the newer versions also have additional features to protect your business from hackers and digital skimming attempts. However, it is your responsibility as well to protect your store and do best security practices. One such practice is using the Magento Security Scan tool. In this article, we will go through all the aspects of the Magento Security Scan Tool and how you can use it to protect your store.

Magento Security Scan Tool:

Adobe offers a free to use Magento Security Scan tool for the users of both Adobe Commerce and Magento Open-Source. The owners of the Magento e-commerce stores can use it to identify any unauthorized access or a security threat in their store. It is a good practice to use this tool for regular monitoring in your security practices as the sooner you find any threat and resolve it, it will cause less damage. The Magento Security Scan Tool is able to find any threat which may have been overlooked by your security or maintenance team.

The best part is that you don’t need to spend a single penny to use this tool. If you are a Magento merchant you can use it for free. Also, apart from the Magento store owners; the authorized developers can also use this tool directly within their Magento account. If you are looking for Magento developers, who can use the Magento security scan tool, reach us. Our expert Magento certified developers use this tool on a regular basis.

The Adobe team update this tool on a regular basis, thus keeping your site secure has never been easier. You can be proactive about securing the important financial information of your customers with this tool. Along with the loopholes, you will also get guidance on how to fix those security issues. It gives the security issue of PWA, patch updates, and security notifications as well.

  • Real-time security status of your Magento store with guides of how to fix the vulnerabilities
  • 30 security tests are available to check vulnerabilities including Magento patches, issues in configuration, and failure to follow security patches
  • Reports of your Magento site security, so you can check and monitor the progress over time.
  • Scheduling of scans for specific, recurring time/dates, and/or on-demand
  • Suggested remediation for each failed security test

Magento Security Scan Tool Compatibility:

If you are using Magento storefront then you can use the security scan tool.  It is compatible with:

  • Adobe Commerce (earlier Magento Commerce)
  • Magento Open-Source
  • Magento Commerce Cloud

How to Run a Security Scan using Magento Security Scan Tool?

Follow these commands to run a scan using this tool:

1. Go to the Commerce home page and Login to your Magento Commerce account. After the login, follow these steps:
  • Choose Security Scan in the left panel
  • Click on Go To Security Scan
  • Go through the Terms & Conditions
  • Click on Agree button to Continue
2. On the Monitored Websites page, click on the +Add site button. If you have multiple websites with different domains, you have to do a separate scan for each domain.
3. If you want to verify the ownership of your site domain by a confirmation code, you have to follow these steps:
  • Enter the Site URL along with its name
  • Click on the Generate Confirmation Code button
  • Click Copy to copy your confirmation code to the clipboard
4. Now login to the Admin Panel of your Magento store with full access permissions. Follow these steps:
  • Go to Content  > Design > Configuration
  • Find the site in the list and click on the Edit button.
  • Expand the HTML Head Section
  • Find Scripts and Style Sheets section and click in the text box at the end of any existing code. Paste that code in the text box.
  • Click Save configuration.

Adobe Partnership with Sansec:

Sansec is one of the most popular and highly reputed e-commerce malware and cyber threat detection provider globally. It has a huge database of 9000+ malware and vulnerability signatures. After the partnership with Adobe, the Magento merchants can also leverage Sansec security for their Magento stores.

This partnership will also benefit the features of the Magento Security Scan tool. The tool will have access to more threat signatures. These signatures are analyzed every week, regularly update the tool, adding hundreds of threats each month. Thus, the merchants will have a high level of protection for their Magento stores than any other platform.

How to increase the security of your Magento store?

The Magento Security Scan Tool is a great practice for your store security. But don’t limit yourself to using just a single tool. Instead, you must follow the best e-commerce security practices:

  • Switch to HTTPS
  • Secure the Admin Panel and Servers
  • Security of your Payment Gateway
  • Use Anti-Malware or Anti-Virus Software
  • Use Firewalls
  • Secure Admin RSS Feeds
  • Check Unprotected Credit Cardholder Data

How Ceymox Technologies Can help?

At Ceymox Technologies, the best Magento development agency in India, we provide best maintenance and security services to our clients. Our certified Magento developers will not just secure your store but will lookout for new updates, fixes, and functionalities. Let us know your requirements.

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